It Was Amazing...

I was 13 & it was the summer going into the 8th grade & had my best friend over for the night. We had grabbed a couple of movies from my older brothers room & popped some popcorn & headed to my room to enjoy some funny movies. After watching a movie I popped in the next VHS & to my embarrassment, my brother had recorded over the movie with a *****. I quickly pulled the movie out & nervously laughed but my friend was curious to watch the ***** & asked me to put it back in. So I did. As we watched the video I found myself getting aroused because before this I had never seen a penis before. The next clip was of two girls making out & next thing one of the girls went down on the other. I could feel my friend moving under the sheets but I stayed in silence. She asked me if I would ever try that & I said "yea, maybe just to try it." She then stated "it looks like it feels good." The video was over & we got ready for bed. As we were in bed I could feel her moving around but I couldn't figure out what she was doing. Next thing, she straight up asked me, " do u want to watch the video again?" Still feeling aroused, I said yes. We began to watch the ***** again & she asked me if I wanted to make out. I told her yes. We started making out & she got on top of me & were dry humping for a while. ha alone made me feel like I was going to climax. I rolled her over & mimicked what I had just saw in the video. I pulled her shirt up & her bra down & started gently kissing her breast. I put her nipple softly in my mouth & her nipples got so hard. I started kissing down her abdomen & made my way to her *****. She slipped out of her undies & pjs & I did the same. New to this I started to kiss around her ***** & on the inside of her thighs. I was nervous. She started to push her pelvic toward my mouth as she was caressing her breasts. She then pulled her lips back & her **** was in plain view. The tip of my tongue gently touched it & allowed my tongue to slide up & down. She then pushed her ***** deeper toward my mouth so I began to pretty much make out with her *****. Her moan got louder & I found myself getting so wet. She then pushed my head up & asked me to stop because it felt so good & didn't want to ***. She then rolled me on my back & intertwined her legs with mine. Out wet clits touched & it was amazing. We slowly rubbed our ******* together & she came. She then started to suck on my breasts & then made her way down to my vagina. Her soft kisses down there tickled & made me a bit shy so I started to close my thighs but she pushed them open & went straight to my throbbing ****. She started to rub her ***** on my leg as she was sucking on my **** & that turned me on even more. I just didn't want her to stop. I never had this feeling before. She then stuck her tongue inside me & I moaned & grabbed her head. I pushed her head back & came. She was so turned on she wanted to lick the *** from my *****. She then started to suck again & I began to get aroused again! We started to make out & rubbing our ******* together till we both came again. It was such an amazing feeling. I will never forget it.
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VHS? Christ, how old are you? So glad you didn't say Betamax or Projector reel.

Are you guys still friends?