I've been really curious about doing this for awhile now. The thing is, I generally dislike other women. But, I find them to be a turn on a lot. Like, in **** etc. lesbian **** is hotter than straight ****.

I don't want a relationship, I just want to fool around. It's difficult because I know I never could be in a relationship with a girl [I'm happily in a straight relationship] and the kind of girls I think are hot are the kind guys think are hot and none of the lesbians or bi chicks in my city that would be open to just fooling around really fit the description. Anyone else know what I mean or am I completely screwed up??

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I KNOW EXAAACTLY what you mean. I feel the same wayy

lol its such a relief to know I am not the only one who feels this way!

I understand! I feel the same way. I sometimes dream of just kissing a beautiful mouth of a woman... Or having a lovely lady touch and caress my body! It turns me on so much!

I feel the EXACT same way! ;)

Sexual attraction and purely sexual relationships with another woman don't mean a thing about sexual orientation. Nothing "lesbian" about wanting to just "play around". Go with your feelings without labels.

I understand completely . I feel the same way.

Same here....same here....

Me has always been a fantasy of mine to be with another girl (but she's have to be hot, and of course I feel like a pig saying I could NEVER have feelings for another girl though, and I adore my husband (and I am absolutely happy with our sex). I just want to "play". I know a lot of gay people, but most of the girls that I think are good looking are either in a committed relationship or are people I would be afraid to approach. I wonder where I could meet someone like myself, who has a monogamous, fabulous marriage but just wants to be with another woman for kicks.

I am here and hot :)

Hi I want to meet u!

O.M.G...just what i'm feeling.hummm...I anticipate my experience...I just want to feel that've been waiting for so long!

hey girl, im 18 and im confused to. im with a great guy but i have that feeling that i want to be with a girl. i have wanted to ask my friend about this and see what she thinks but im to scared. im afraid i might lose her as a friend. you should go for what ever makes you happy. live your life. thats what im gonna try to do.

I. Here you and I am trough with ration ships

I know the feeling too. I want sex with a girl but not a relationship!!

I understand you completely.. I just want the act and the experience.. I love men, but lately women are turning me on.

i know what u r talking about,,,same with me...

i feel the same way, i want to be with guys but there is just something sexual that turns me on more about girls, when i'm having sex with a guy i imagine a ***** or big boobs, i dont want a relationship i just want to do women

not at all. i know the feeling. i just wanna fool around too...well i do want a relationship. but wanna fool around first

not at all. i know the feeling. i just wanna fool around too...well i do want a relationship. but wanna fool around first

Actually, i know a lot of girls who would just like to just friends with benefits. lol <br />
<br />
But to let you know, it's normal for heterosexual women do get turned on by other women, more than ideas of guy on girl (I found that out from research one day, sorry i don't have the source, and a decent amount of people already know that). But you should try and have some sexual encounters with women to find out.

yeah I agree with you too... That's all I want... ;)

Boy do we have alot in common! I too am happily married, but would love to fool around with a girl. It has been a long time fantasy of mine. I too dont really get along with other girls, (went to an all girls catholic school, where I learned that most are *******!) and although I am a tomboy am very feminine. The only **** I will watch with my hubbie is girl on girl; he gets frustrated sometimes and says that I am probably a lesbian... no I just want to play! I am not attracted to butch in the least - the most curves, hips, *** the better, like what you said most men want... ah what to do.....????

I know how you feel, I don't want a relationship with a woman but i just want to fool around

Hi!<br />
Your decision can not be judge by any person. Do want u want and be happy.<br />

Hi!<br><br><br />
Your decision can not be judged by any person. Do what u want and be happy.<br><br><br />

Re previous comment, I didn't stop to think that I might offend anyone. I really do not believe in that! Thanks

I unerstand completely, I would like to watch my wife with another lovely woman but I don't care to see her with a woman who is more "manly" than I am!