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Renee Part 1

Ever since I was younger I was always curious about girls. When I would touch myself I would watch lesbian **** and I just got so wet watching two women touch, lick, and suck each other. So I had been thinking for awhile and I finally thought okay I'm going to try it with a woman. My first question was who? And where? I didn't’t want to do it with one of my friends I thought it would be too awkward later on. And Being 16 at the time it’s not like I could pay for some 5 star hotel and I didn't’t want to stay in a gross motel in a seedy part of town either.

But then it came to me.At school there was a sophomore named Renee. she had the most beautiful green eyes and every time i looked at her i wanted to rip her clothes off. lol during class she would touch me on my breasts and i would rub my hands on her legs but we would always laugh it off like a joke. we also had P.E together and we would change and i would pretend that i was getting dressed too and i would watch her taking her shirt off. looking at the curves of her breasts, her flat stomach and her long tan legs. i wanted her. i wanted to do every single thing in the book to her.

It was the last day of school and we had gotten out early and i was walking to my car and i saw Renee sitting by herself. so i walked over and asked her why she wasn't't home or at least on her way home."my mom can't pick me up till 4 she forgot it was a mini day today." she said.i looked at my phone it was only 12. i asked her if she wanted a ride to my house (i lived around the corner) and we could watch a movie and hang out or something and i could drive her back to the school when it was 4. she smiled and said yeah that would be cool. and we walked to my car. she turned the radio on and when we stopped at the stop light i looked out of the corner of my eye at her skirt and how it barely covered her thighs when she sat down. she looked at me and said Rachel, it's green and i said oops. and kept driving.

i parked my car in the garage and we went inside. i asked her if i could get her something to drink and she said water would be fine. i gave her the water bottle and we sat down on my bed watching some show on MTV. i put my hand on Renee's thigh and she looked up and said what are you doing. i looked at her and said haven't you ever tried it with a girl? her eyes got wide and she said no! i laughed and said well have you ever wanted to? her face got red and said i think about it sometimes. i whispered in her ear how does it make you that i want to run my tongue all over your p u s s y ? she said it makes it tingle. I ask her do you want me to be your first? she starts to get quiet but she says yes
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