My Sister And I

The moment was unforgettable. I'll always remember it. Who knew taking a shower with your older sister could end up being so magical. My older sister Julia and I have a very, very close and intimate relationship. Even though we're four years apart in age, we love each other so very much. The two of us kissing, hugging, sleeping together, taking showers together, or anything else is common. When I came out as a lesbian when I was fifteen, she was one of the first to accept and support me. I remember when the two of us first kissed. I was thirteen and she was seventeen. We were fooling around for some reason and we ended up locking lips and holding hands. After that, we got much closer. The big addition was the two of us sleeping together in my bed; we'd sleep naked together on summer nights. As I got older, Julia became more attracted to me even though she had a boyfriend (now her fiancee). She even once told me that if she was a lesbian, she would date me. So yes, our relationship was borderline ****** and we did get romantic sometimes; our deep love for each other really paid off on a special night.

It happened one night when I was seventeen and I was home alone with my sister who was twenty-one at the time; she was at home for the summer from college. I was taking a shower and all was going good. Then, the shower door opened and I saw my sister standing there. To be honest, she kinda surprised me. We normally hop in the shower together. "Hey," she said with a smile on her face.
"Hey. What's up," I said and smiled back.
"Oh, nothing much. Didn't know you were taking a shower."
"Sorry. I should've told you."
"That's okay. Mind if I join in?"
She took off the pink bathrobe she was wearing, thus revealing her glorious naked body which I've seen multiple times. I held her hand as she stepped into the shower. We were hugging in the shower for quite a while. I rubbed Julia's back and set my head on her shoulder while she rubbed my back and butt and kissed my neck. Goosebumps ran over my body. We then stared and smiled at each other. Julia then caressed my face and neck. She then stooped down and began caressing around my downstairs. I was slowly becoming turned on as she kept doing that. She then looked up at me and said, "You're so beautiful. You know that." I just smiled and we both giggled. She got back up and looked at me again. Before you know it, we moved in to kiss. This was no screwing-around kiss like we've done before. This was a deep, romantic, and passionate kiss we shared. I threw my arms around her as we kissed more. The kissing got more intense and hotter. Julia couldn't stop kissing my neck. My heart was racing. "Give me your tongue," I whispered. We engaged in a swirl of tongues. After that, we got out of the shower and dried off. But we weren't done yet. Julia took my hand and led me to my bedroom. When we got in, I pulled Julia in for a passionate kiss. We were kissing and swaying around until we fell on my bed. After rolling around the bed for a while, Julia resumed kissing my neck and also licked my nipples. When I was on top, I did the same. I thought this passionate night would never end. Throughout the night, there was a flurry of things that we did to each other. It's tough to remember though, because it went by so fast.

It was the next morning. Julia and I were cuddled together on the bed, naked of course. We both woke up at around the same time. When we did, we just stared at each other and smiled. We were in awe of what just happened, but we regretted nothing. "Good morning, sunshine," she said with a smile on her face. "Did you have a nice night?"
"I sure did," I said with a giggle.
Today, my sister lives in Chicago with her fiancee. We have moved on from our relationship but we're still very close. I visited her over spring break and we caught up with each others lives and reminisced about many things, especially the summertime. The night before I left we shared a long hug together. She told me that she will always love me, and I told her I will always love her and I will miss her. We shared a kiss before I headed to bed. I absolutely love my sister. I will never forget our times together and I certainly won't forget that special night we shared together.
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Thank you for sharing. Beautifully written. It makes me so wish I had sister and not a brother! Lol but i do have a similar story. My BFF Valorie started making love to her older sister Gwenn when she was 9 and her sister was 14. It started as a result of them watching their mom (a closet lesbian) having a major make out session with one the neighbor moms in the kitchen of their house until they took it to the bedroom. Her mom had no clue they were watching her. After her mom went to the bedroom they went to theirs and they started down the road of experimenting with each other and eventually lesbian sex. There was a group of girls on my street all similar in age that Valorie had seduced and after we all found out about each other we all played together in couples and in groups on slleepovers and as we could. Valorie and her sister were often a part of that. But most of the time it was Valorie and I alone or in a 3sum with her sister. Valorie was and is my BFF of more than 25 years and the only woman I've ever loved and I was constantly at her house and of course her sister was too. Shortly after she turned 18 Gwenn became the only 'adult' in a group of girls from 12 to 16 having lesbian sex together. She became terrified a pissed off parent would find out and since she was the only adult they'd hold her responsible and put her in jail. She stopped having lesbian sex with everyone except Valorie. The intimacy of lesbian sex is such powerful that it is not a surprise to me that any two women, sisters or not, express love for each other in this way. Sadly, having sex with family is sometimes the result of child abuse, but it doesn't seem to be the case with Mrs Sara and it is not the case with my BFF.

Thats sooooooo nice wished i had been there - ive played around abit with one of my friends when we hav a sleepover but ive too scared to really go for it :(

Well I wish you could have been there too! :). I do sometimes have regrets though. Mainly that our innocence was taken at a young age and that my first few sexual partners may have been very good friends but they weren't someone I loved. My love for my BFF wouldn't come until four years later. Being a parent is the main thing that caused me to start having at least a few regrets.

You two will always be sisters. Wish her luck in her relationship but never forget your love for each other. And if the worse does come up and they break up, well you can always show her you love her.

So passionate and real :)

I think this is probably a lot more common than people will admit to. Raging hormones at a time in life when parents do everything they can to make sure they keep their kids safe from outsiders (boyfriends/girlfriends as the case may be). I remem ber being so horny all the time! I felt I would explode! In my case all the boys in the neighborhood wewere looking at their parents ****. We would rub our ***** together until we came hard. I am not bi or gay today it just an accessability thing.

I so remember being this horny. Omg I was so horny it hurt and had nobody to take it out on until my girlfriends and I started playing. Your story has actually inspired me to change how I treat my boys (11 years and 15 years) with regard to privacy. From now on I'm going to give them the freedom to do whatever they want as long as its a boy in their room and not a girl, lol. I'm always checking on them to stop them from them doing what I did at their age. Ive just realized that is very hypocritical of me and it stops now.

Damm that's some real Trevor Philips stuff there cutie OMG !! It was aweosme I'll trade ya sisters mine just brings home girls for me to expirement with and watch so I kinda have grown quite atracted to her

That's really erotic... Now I don't want to have sex with my brother. But all of these amazing sex stories really make me feel like I am missing out on life.