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An 8 Yr Old Boys Introduction

I was exited on this beautiful Friday afternoon, there were only few days of school left in the deep south. Camping, swimming, endless baseball, boating, skiing, & other assorted fun were so close

As a young child I was teased because even though I was scrawny & thin as a rail, I had a large round ***, in my family we call it the. To make thing worse we are cursed with the “family surname deleted” walk. This walk causes the butt to sway from one side to the other. This “family surname deleted” walk became the “family surname deleted” strut in the BBW side of the family.

I was being taunted by other kids on the school bus about my prominent ***. Their taunting nearly had me in tears but I refused to show it. Ron, the bus bully turned around & threatened them if they didn’t stop. I was pleased & my tormentors were terrified. Everyone was afraid of Ron including the seniors. Us second graders were terrified of him. He was all-county center on the football team for god’s sake in an area where football was more than religion. Nobody ****** with Ron.

His buddies called him “log”, he was King of our small world.

After supper, I went to visit my best friend Tommy. He lived on the hill above me next door to Ron & & his younger brother Benny. Tommy & I were playing under the sprinkler at his house. Benny called Tommy over & they talked. When Tommy came back he asked me to see if I could ask my parents to stay over that night.

Tommy’s dad owned a construction business & had built a small cabin for Tommy in the woods behind their house. It was not your typical crude cabin, it had electric & even a TV. We watched an old Buster Crabb Tarzan movie & the highlight was a momentary glimpse of Jane’s bare breast during an underwater crocodile escape swim scene. We talked about the glimpse at length, still not sure we really saw it. We philosophied about we might live to see. Neither of us believed we would be around see the year 2000 (50 seemed far too old to live) & man on the moon seemed a preposterous proposition.

Very late after Tommy’s parents had gone to bed, Benny came to the cabin. I was startled, but Tommy wasn’t. Benny wanted us to come with him. It turns out Benny had something going with Tommy. I was too naïve to understand what “that” might be.

When we got to Ron & Benny’s house (the parent’s had gone to Florida for a long biker’s weekend ~ great thing to do that time of year). There were several of the players from the high school baseball team, they were celebrating a big win in the regional finals. They were still in their sweaty uniforms. They had been drinking heavily.

Shortly after we got there Tommy disappeared with Benny into a bedroom. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by drunken, older boys. But somehow I wasn’t afraid because I knew Ron would protect me. Ron had me sit next to him. Soon Ron had me sit in his lap & he was massaging my ***. I knew it was wrong but somehow I felt very secure in his arms. I was also excited by an emotion deep inside me I never knew existed. I was given a beer & some whiskey & soon I was feeling very strange but even more excited.

One of the boys produced a nudie mag & some of the boys started to **********. I was amazed at the size of their *****. I had only seen boys my age. One ********** & I was astonished & asked what that was. They told me it was the stuff babies were made from. I was confused & very skeptical.

Ron removed my pants & fondled me with his strong hands. He made me kneel before him. He slowly undid his zipper right in front of my face. First I gasped because of the pungent smell. Ron was the center on the baseball team. He was still wearing his jock strap & the cup that protected his balls. The smell was disgusting but more intoxicating than the whiskey. Then I gasped at the sight of his **** & balls, he was much larger than any of the others. The boys laughed & asked why me I thought his nickname was “Log”. I said I thought it was because he was sound sleeper. This drew a large round of laughter.

Ron took a can of lard from the kitchen & put some on the head of his **** & a lot up the crack of my ***. Then he put a finger up me. I gasped in pain but I was also very excited. He then turned me around & tried to enter me. It was no good, he was too big & I was too small. After a while he gave up. He had me kneel in front of him & he placed the head of his **** in my mouth. At first the taste of the lard was gagging but it soon went away. Clyde, Ron’s best friend, was the first to enter my ***. It hurt at first but Ron held me firm on his **** & my *** only free to squirm. The pain at first was intense but it passed. I was aware my *** was being ****** by multiple guys but I was hypnotized by huge knobby **** head in my mouth & the smell of Ron’s sweaty crotch.

One after another the boys ****** me. I remember Ron placing me in a bed after everyone had *** in me multiple times. I was exhausted but also pleased that I had been the center of attention. I remember my biggest guilt at the time was the *** oozing from my ***, I thought about the babies that were supposed to be made of this stuff.

I was awoke later by Ron getting into bed with me. He curled up beside me. I instinctively reached behind me & touched his ****. It hardened immediately. He said something about me being a ****.

He turned me flat on my belly. I spread my legs. But he put my legs together & straddled me with his big thighs & legs. He placed the head of his **** in my *** then used his weight to force the head of his **** in. Surprisingly there was only a little pain & he slowly allowed the weight of his body to force the full length & girth of his **** into me, all the way in. I only thought I had been ****** earlier. I now knew I was being ******. I loved it & I was hooked. Something was deeply seeded in me.
Ron & I got together many times that summer. In the fall football started & we didn’t see much of each other. Shortly after Ron got in trouble with the law & was given the choice of jail or the military. He chose the military. I never saw him again.
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Hot :)

Very hot tale.

i love rough anal sex

It is SO sexy when a male is introduced to being the 'girl' in bed for homosexual sex. This story is hot...and you were very lucky to be introduced to gay sex by these bisexual athletes :)

i hope you let the rest of the team use you when ron joined the military and any body else that wanted to

Are you a girl?

I am male

I wrote a story about the first time I saw my dad (or anyone) naked. It is here in experience project under "First time I saw my dad Naked". The actual event is followed by a fantasy and I am curious about what others may think of it. dadson

What a story! At that age I wonder how you could take that kind of penetration! <br />
Did you ever develop new relationships of that kind? Any stories you can tell?

very good story. i raped when i was 8 year old.some young boys raped me.