Naughty Kids

When i was 12 me and my buddy would sleep out in our back yard sometimes in the summer.there were 3 girls our age that we used to play and hang out with who lived down the street.when me and my buddy slept out the girls would do the same at one of there houses. after we knew are parents were sleeping.we would get naked,go over to the girls house.walk around to the back yard were they were,they loved seeing us walking up naked.they would take thear cloths off and we all would walk around the neighberhood was hard to be quite since we were naked and we would be feeling each other and playing around acting silly.then we would go back to there back yard,lay down in there tent and get each other off.i remember one tine i was rubbing my **** on one girls leg and came all over her.then her friend licked my *** off her leg.they would lay on thear backs and spread thear legs open so me and my buddy could lick thear *******.then they would suck us off.we would do this till the sun was ready to come up,then it was back to our house to talk about how hot it was to be with the girls.I did eventualy have sex with one of the girls but thats another story lol.
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you are so can u be so lucky

wat the ****

i wish if i could have such fun during my childhood

My cousin sister and I used to play in a similar way; but at that age I we did not know about ******* or *******. If we had *** and had *******; may be we would have played much more often!!!

Sounds hot how old were you all.

i was 12 and 2 of the girls were 12 and one was 11

Sexy time so young, I shouldn't find that exciting but I do.

Cool made me get a hardon

Maybe "naughty" but in a fun way. No pressure, nobody being forced just kids doing what kids do as they explore their sexuality and satisfy their curiosity. I can remember doing some of the same things.

I needed friends like that

yes much more.

yes more please

Loved this story hunny! I want to hear more.