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My First Sexual Experience Was Traumatic

My first sexual experience happened when I was 16½. It was quite traumatic. I have mentioned elsewhere on EP that I was a very slim teenager with a model-like body and face. Everybody said I looked like Brooke Shields in both face and body. I was a very late bloomer. It may seem hard to believe, but at the time this occurred (when I was about 16 ½ years old), I still hadn’t started puberty.

There was a very cute boy named Billy who live across the street. He was only 15. He invited me to swim with him in his backyard pool. His parents were away for the weekend. After we swam we went into their den. He said he wanted to have sex with me. I thought I wanted to have sex with him too so I said okay even though I was still prepubescent. The only reason I did was that I thought he was prepubescent too since his voice was still pretty high and I noticed he had no hair under his arms or on is legs. I also thought he probably had a very small hairless penis, which was all I imagined I could handle at the time. I pulled off my bikini top and bottom and he pulled off his swim trunks. I was shocked. He had a massive 8 or 9 inch penis as thick as a cucumber. It was surrounded by a thick bush of dark pubic hair. He was definitely not prepubescent. I was frightened by his penis but too scared to back out. He started shoving his penis into my cunney in a very agressive way. It was very painful. He pumped and pumped and shot his ***** deep into my cunny. While doing so he laughed at me because I had no boobs and absolutely no hair on my cunny. When he was done, he flipped me over and told me he wanted to **** me up the *** too. I don’t know why, but I said okay. He jammed his huge penis repeatedly into my butthole. He shot a huge load of ***** into me there too. When he was done he just left me laying there. I was crying uncontrollably. He just laughed and told me I was a crybaby and was nothing but a little child with my hairless cunny and no ****.

I put my bikini back on and ran back to my house, still crying uncontrollably. My 13-year-old sister Susan, who I have discussed elsewhere on EP, asked me what had happened and I told her. She pulled down my bikini and saw spermdripping out of my cunny and butthole. There was also a little blood coming from my anus. She pulled my bikini back up and led me by the hand back across the street. Susan was very strong. When Billy answered the door she immediately jumped on him. She hit him several times in the face and then pinned him to the ground. She pulled his swim trunks off and flipped him over. She asked me to find her a shoe with a hard sole, which I did. She then spanked him about 50 times with the shoe. He was crying and begging for mercy. She told him much worse would come if he ever laid a hand on me again.

When we got back she gave me a warm bath, cleaning me up and comforting me. She dried me off and laid me on the bed. She gently rubbed lotion on my hairless cunny and on my butt. She then took off her clothes, crawled in the bed next to me, and we cuddled together. I felt so good being in her arms.

Fortunately, I had not started my periods yet so I didn’t get pregnant.
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Congratulations to your sister who went and took care of that boy.

The boy was a cruel bastard, and you were very vulnerable. Even though it was traumatic, the.experience had a great resolution with your sister's help. What a great sister! I know you must love her dearly.

Wow that is crazy. I was a late bloomer to and didn't start my period intill the day after my 16th birthday. Good thing ur sister was there to help and comfort you :)