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They All Had A Fiddle Inside My Knickers

I was about 12 at the time, it was the long summer holidays , we were all off school . I was hanging around with friends ,like I normally did. I was the youngest of us all, so wasnt allowed as far as most of the girls . That is how, I come be on my own with about 5 lads . It was hot and muggy that day. I was wearing my favorite yellow mini skirt and vest top. We all sat about, feeling lazy and uncormforatble, I was enjoying lots of attention as I was the only girl.The lads must have been 14yrs and up. 
Our conversation soon come round to boobs and ***** , a couple of the lads got their ***** out and showed me what they had , 1 lad rested his **** on my shoulder. I laughed , embarrassed. Then 1 of the lads pulled my vest down, expossing my large **** . They crowded around me and gropped and a couple of them sucked on my little pink nipples. If I said it was horrible I would be lying. My p**** was tingling , I was loving it.
Im not sure how it happened but I soon found myself having my kness pulled aprt by 2 lads whilst my knicks where pulled to one side, then pulled off all together, still , with my legs held open , they all looked at mu p**** and in turn opened it and put fingers up me, whilst their mates sucked my nips or looked between my legs , I was sat back on my hands all the whilso could see everything they did, which excited me more, they held my lips open and looked inside , flicked the little bobble inside me and 1 een smacked my p*****, I think he was just so excited he didnt know what else to do . The lads twitched and jumped obviously from there excitement . The  eldest lad pushed his **** in my face and pressed it against my lips , my mouth stayed clamped shut(I didnt realise he wanted it in my mouth). but then he *** and he squirted his lot oer my face and in my hair, another lad squirted over my inner thigh as he was getting his **** out (poor lad).
The afternoon went so quick, we carried on playing with my body for about another hour , My p**** was kissed poked pulled apart and generally explore and it was wonderful.
Word soon got about, I was never really liked by the girls , but the boys loved me. The most I had was 9 lads in a group, taking it in turns to explore my p*****. .I almost became a teacher, telling them to open me and kiss me and what to put inside me, chocolate bars where my favorite. I had the best summer ever. We moved the end of that year , so I never had another summer like it.
jemummy jemummy 36-40, F 5 Responses Dec 9, 2011

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Very hot!

Yeah,great story. What a great way to tease the lads to,you little minx. Wish I'd have been one of them lads.

what a great story

great story.

i like the story but....for me i like it to me more having sex in a moonlight n stuff