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Sleeping Over With My Cousin In Her Bed....

Whenever my family would visit my cousin and her family down south for weekends when we were young teenagers, she would somehow always end up sleeping in the same bed with me. It was usually innocent, though I did find myself attracted to her and more than once wondered about having sex with her because she would always wrap her arms and legs around me and say "Howdy Cousin" as she kissed me. One night, I woke up because I had to pee. There was my cousin, sleeping next to me in her nightgown, with her legs slightly open. When I returned to bed, I had trouble getting back to sleep because I kept thinking about her. I looked over at her, and, making sure that she was still asleep, I pulled up her nightgown so that I could see more of her. I gently touched her pus-sy with my finger, moving it up and down along her slit through her panties. I sniffed my finger and found that I enjoyed her scent. Too scared to do anything more, I soon fell back asleep.

Later that night, I woke again to find my cousin laying next to me, slowly but steadily grinding her as-s against my hard co-ck as we lay side by side. I knew she must have been awake, but, pretending that I was still sleeping, I pushed my **** back against her as-s. After a while, I reached around and lay my hand between her legs. I was scared, but I acted on my natural impulse. I figured I could always deny doing anything wrong because I could say I was asleep and didn't know what I was doing. Her pus-sy was hot and moist. As I petted her pus-sy, she began moving back and forth with more energy. Still pretending to be asleep, she changed her position, laying on her back with her legs open, moving her hand to rest on my co-ck. I kept playing with her pus-sy, as she moved her hips, breathing heavily, until finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat up, got between her open legs and slowly pulled down her panties. I was still scared ****-less, but I couldn't help myself.. I was relieved that she was going along with this, as I was sure she wasn't really sleeping. As her panties came off, I was treated to the sight of my cousin's beautiful glistening pus-sy, covered with black pubic hair. I was mesmerized and sooo excited. I don't know what made me do it, but suddenly, I was filled with the urge to go down on her. As soon as I started licking and sucking her pus-sy, she began bucking her hips, moaning softly. Her legs opened wider to accommodate me and I dug my tongue deeper into her, making sure to play with her cl-it at the same time. Her head rocked back and forth until she stiffened and jerked her hips, holding my head, as I kept licking. When she opened her eyes, she had a sly smile.She wasn't pretending to be sleeping anymore.
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Awesome story. My cousin and I had a secret relationship for almost 3 years. We would tease each other for the next intimate encounter and play with each other anytime we could get away with it. She's married now and for reasons of maturity we act as though it never happens. But I still think about her taste and scent all the time. Relationship regardless of society is natural. I will always love my cousin. She will always have a special place in my heart.

I had similar experience with my cousin.

Lucky man!! I only got to the feeling part

What's your story? Tell us what happened....

So lucky for you and her both.

What a great experience, did you two continue to sleep together and carry on with more exploring?

After that night, whenever I visited, we still shared the same bed. During the day, we played and hung out with everyone else in our families, as usual, but night time in bed was our special time together. We were really into each other. We would tongue kiss, i would rub and lick her pus-sy, and she would stroke and suck my co-ck. The first time she did it, she wasn't sure what to do, but soon she got the hang of it. It was such a turn on to watch as she held my co-ck, studying it as she instinctively kissed the head, taking more of it into her mouth, little by little. The first time I came with her was when she was suck-ing my co-ck as she gently stroked it. The feeling, coupled with the sight of my beautiful cousin suck-ing me off, was too much. Just before I ejacu-lated, I told her I was about to come, as a warning. She kept going, jerk-ing and suck-ing, as I shot all over her mouth and face. She loved it!

My Cousin lets me touch her ***** *** boobs but won't let me touch inside the panties and shr changed I would hump her and she will touch my **** and now she won't but sometimes she will tell me how to let me touch inside her ***** and see + lick it

That's cool -- just take it slow and let things happen naturally.....

Usually innocent was history at that point. Once those Sexual fires are kindled, it is impossible to put them out. It's a turning point in one's life.

We couldn't stop. Only distance eventually calmed us down. I used to spend hours each day just going down on her. She would grab hold of me every chance she could and rub against me. When I was sick she would take cafe of me too.