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Naughty Babysitter

When I was in 5th grade, my parents began using a new babysitter who was a freshman in high school. They only hired her when dad had to go to some big dinner in the city and he and my mom would spend the night downtown. So this girl always knew she would have our house all night. Soon, guys would come by right when she was putting me to bed and I was told to stay in my room. Well, I never did and I would hide on the stairs and watch her do things like put the guy's penis in her mouth or sit on them on the couch and bounce up and down. One night, I sneezed and she busted me. She kicked the guy out then sent me to bed. I heard her shower and then, to my surprise, my door opened and she slid in bed with me completely naked.

"Do you know what I was doing with them?" she asked. I told her not really and she then asked if I would like her to show me. I said yes and she began to kiss me. It was weird at first to feel a tongue in my mouth but I definitely liked it and was surprised at how my young **** got rock hard when she did this. Then she leaned down and put my little **** in her mouth and it felt incredible. She sucked the tip, then she looked up at me and while staring at my eyes, flitted her tongue around the tip. I had ever felt anything like that sensation. After some time, she said, "I guess you're too young." I didn't know then what she meant.

She then said, "You interrupted my fun tonight, so you have to make up for it." She guided my mouth to her breast and coached me on how to suck her nipple. As I did that, her hand moved mine until I was touching her pubic hair. "Put your finger inside me, " she whispered. I pressed it in and was amazed at how moist she was and how easily my finger slid inside what turned out to be a hot wet little opening. She moaned and began to buck against my finger. "Touch my ****" she whispered but I didn't know what she meant. Finally, she again guided my fingers until I felt this firm, nubby bit of wet flesh and she showed me how to rub it in circles. I did that while still sucking her nipple as commended and soon she began to make louder and louder moans and then her *** came up in the air and her thighs squeezed together so hard I thought my hand might break.

Rolling me onto my back, she straddled me and lowered her wet ***** down onto my little 5th grade ****. The feeling remains to this day one of the most intense things I have ever experienced. She began to grind, leaning forward and pushing her breasts into my mouth. My hands somehow grabbed her *** cheeks and she smiled and said, "Now you are getting the hang of things." She rode me like that for some time, until again the loud scream and the thigh squeezing happened again.

Then she laid on her back and instructed me to lick that thing. the ****, she had shown me earlier. I did as i was told and knelt between her legs and licked her **** like I was a starving man on a dirty spoon. The taste was slightly sweet and the scent was something that to this day drives me insane. Soon, her *** was again in the air and my little head was being crushed between those thighs.

We spent the rest of the night alternating between me fingering her, licking her or her riding my young ****. It was the beginning of my complete fascination with sex and my dedication to pleasuring a woman.
Rugbylvr4 Rugbylvr4 46-50, M 10 Responses Apr 8, 2012

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Very hot! Thanks for sharing your story!

Fantastic story!

Very hot! Sounds like you had a great teacher;)

Great story.

Did you repeat this every night she was over?

Three more times, then someone told my parents she was a "bad girl" and they stopped hiring her. She's #1 on my list of girls I wish I could **** now knowing so much more about sex.

Have you ever tried looking her up online, through social media etc?

I awe i wish i was a carpet eater in fifth grade i started at 10

I awe i wish i was a carpet eater in fifth grade i started at 10

WOW, Lucky you!

Dam wish I had a babysitter like that!

same here

wished I could have had a lesson from a baby sitter like that but I was raped as my firat and for some time after that.