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All In The Family

I was exposed to sex when i was about 6 or 7. My moma was very addicted to drugs by then and sex to. My dad also was addicted to sex i guess. He had sex with my oldest sister openly and regularly . She had his child when she was 20. He also had sex with my other sister who is younger but not as much. I would see this go on and some nights her would **** every body in the house. This didn't include me till i was about 10 or so. Moma would be passed out drunk or on dope and daddy would keep me home from school to help work the farm. It started with him holding me in his lap and he would touch and fondle my ****. He taught me about ************ and first time i ever came was in his hands. He taught me how to jack off and all about how to give oral. I member look forward to work with him each day so we can play. Sometime i suck him 3 or 4 time a day. I were 15 i think first time he put it inside me.
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kenny, contact me please!

Do you still injoy it today?

wow! sounds like you enjoyed it all