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It was summer, the people three doors from us started to clean up their pool. My mom and dad were friends with them I had done some snow removal over the winter, their daughter has a wild crush on me from what mom told me, I had spotted her a number of times walking, riding her bike, she was a real pretty girl with short brown hair, nice figure for a girl 14 and her smile. We had talked a couple of times before but it never sounded off any horns, bells,for me. Today it was hot outside, of all days I was going to ride bikes with her to the park and back then go swimming in her pool.
When I saw her ride up the driveway I could look right down in her top, bells and horns sounded in my head, I got excited ! Then after the ride a cool dip in the pool, she came out in a sexy swim suit that did'nt hide much when she jumped in the water, next thing I know her hands were all over me, I returned the favor, we kissed then I rubbed her till she shot off like fireworks, she did me, then with a smile she pulled down her straps and showed her chest, fireworks going off ! When she turned 15 we has sex together, 4th of july fireworks for us both.
dustermouse dustermouse 61-65, M 1 Response Sep 17, 2012

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Mine was 9. She wore shorts that were large at the waist. I could look down. No panties. It drove me wild. I was 12. Much to old for her. I couldn't keep my hands or thoughts off her. We went where we could be alone. Her pants came down so easily. Well we played with our parts I still get hot thinking about her bald puss. Well, she laid down on our clothes and I knelt be fore hr. It was hard to get in but suddenly I was all the way in. It took us a while to learn abot sex butt we had a ball..