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The Babysitter

The babysitter
When I was ten years old, I had this babysitter who was only two years older than me. She was twelve years old. I was in the foster care program at the time. One night my foster mom Alice said “I have to go to a meeting tonight. I won’t be back till two or three in the morning. I got you a babysitter. She will be here at six o’clock. I will leave between seven and seven thirty. I want to make sure you two can get along.”
I was allowed to play in the backyard till the babysitter got there. When six o’clock came I headed to the house.
“John, your babysitter is here.” said Alice as I entered the house.
Since I had been playing outside I was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I went into the front room and sat down on the couch. Alice came into the front room with a twelve year old girl. She had brown hair with blue eyes. She was wearing a blue dress and a pair of sandal. She took off the sandals before she entered the front room.
Alice turned to me and said “This is Susan. She will be your babysitter tonight. You are to do everything she tells you too. No matter what, understand?”
I nodded at her. Susan smiled at that statement and then said “Okay, so he has to listen to me is that correct and do what I want him to do? Does it start right now? Can I make him do something?”
Alice answered “Yes, he does. Yes it does start right now and of course you can make him do something right now.”
Susan thought about it and then said “John, I want you to ***** naked.”
I looked at Alice and then moaned. “Alice, do I have to?”
Alice looked at Susan and then at me and said “I told you that you have to do what she asks. If she wants you to ***** naked then you will ***** naked.”
I pulled off my top and then my shorts. I stood in front of her nude. I covered myself up with my hands after I dropped my clothes to the floor. Alice and Susan both looked at me in the nude.
Susan then said “Put your hands on top of your head and don’t ever cover yourself up again. In fact whenever I am over here to babysit you, I want you naked before I get here. You are not to cover yourself up.”
I put my hands on top of my head and let Alice and Susan look at me. My penis was small at least to me. It was at least two inches long when limp and when it got hard it added another inch to it. Susan whistled when she saw my penis. She walked up to me and touched it. It jerked a little at her touch. She moved her hand over it and it started to get a little stiff. Alice stood off to one side watching Susan play with my penis.
Susan was so entranced by my penis she did not notice Alice watching her. Alice started to laugh a little. This broke the trance that Susan was in. Susan’s checks turned red in embarrassment. Alice said “It is okay Susan. You can do whatever you want to him. If you want to play with his penis then you can. If you want he can play with you as well.”
Susan turned to her and said “You mean it? I get to play with him and if I want he can play with me?”
Alice smiled and said “Yep.”
Susan then said “Thank you Alice.”
With that she turned back to my penis and started rubbing it again. It felt good for her to play with my penis. I keep my hands above my head. It soon grew to its full length. She then stopped playing with it. She unbuttoned her top couple of buttons of her dress. She looked at me then said “Lie down on the couch.”
I turned to the couch and laid down on it. I keep my hands above my head. I watched Alice as she moved to keep an eye on what was going on. Susan pulled the dress up over her head and dropped it to the floor. She had been naked under the dress. She had small nubs for breasts and no ***** hair. Her mound was soft looking.
She walked up to the couch and got on. She then straddled me and positioned her ***** over my erection. She looked at me and then said “Touch me all over. Play with my breasts. I want you to suck on my breasts.”
I smiled and started to fondle her breasts as she begins to lower herself on top of me. Soon my penis was touching her *****. She looked at me smiling.
“I have never done this before. I have thought about it, but I have never done it before. I have heard of it. You will be my first and I know I will be yours.” She said, and then thrust herself down on top of me.
My penis penetrated her ***** as she cried out. I moved my mouth up to her left breast then started to suck on it. She started moving herself up and down on my penis. The feeling was wonderful. Her ***** was tight against my penis. It felt like nothing I had felt before. There was a good feeling building up in side of me as we started to go faster. I stopped sucking on her breasts and just started to move my hands over her body.
We went faster, her moving up and done on top of me. The feeling got better and better till it felt like I exploded. We both cried out as our ******* hit us at the same time. She collapsed against me as we both panted for air.
Alice came up to us. She looked at both of us as I moved my hands around Susan’s waist. I kissed Susan and she returned the kiss. Alice laughed then said “Susan, did you enjoy that?”
Susan turned red again from embarrassment. “I forgot you were there. I was having a good time. It felt so wonderful to be able to do that with someone. I have never done it before.”
She snuggled closer to me. Alice looked at me and then said “John, did you enjoy it as well?”
I looked at her and said “I didn’t like at first to get naked in front of her. But then she started to play with my penis and it felt good. Then she put her ***** on my penis and let me play with her body and it felt great! Can we do it again?”
Alice looked at the clock. It was only six twenty. She smiled and said “You can do it as much as you want anywhere in the house. You two can even do it outside if you wanted to.”
Susan looked at me, and then smiled. She said “Let’s go outside and do it. It’s still light out. We can do it in the front yard.”
“But what about all the people who live in the neighborhood?” I asked her.
“Let’s do it in front of them. Let’s have fun with it and have sex with everyone in the neighborhood watching us do It.” she told me.
That night there was a block party going on and all the neighbors were outside having fun. They were having a cook out. The main focus of the party was our house since it was at the end of the street. Our street was a cul-de-sac. Earlier in the day they had set up a stage in front of our house and enough seats for the entire neighborhood in front of it.
I thought about it and then decided. “Alice if we do it in front of everyone in the neighborhood, can we be naked anytime we want in the neighborhood? Can we also have sex anytime we want?”
Alice was the one in charge of the neighborhood and whatever choices she made everyone else followed. Alice smiled. “Yes, you can. You can be naked whenever you want and you will be able to have sex with each other anytime you want. Plus as a bonus any kids around your age you can get naked as well and have sex with them. I will make sure it happens.”
“Okay, then I will do it on the stage with Alice.” I said.
“Wait, right here, I have to get everyone to the stage.” She said as she turned to leave the house.
She left the house. Susan and I stood up. We headed for the front door. The front door was closed but we could hear the party going on in the front yard. We then heard Alice announce into the microphone that had been set up on stage “Can I get everyone to come to the stage please. I need everyone to come to the stage and take a seat. Please be quick.”
It only took a couple of minutes for everyone to take a seat. “I need all the children up front please.” She said. “I want them to get a good view of what’s about to happen. Can everyone see the stage okay? I want you all to get a good view for this. Oh and can I get Susan’s family up to the stage too please? If you have a video camera or a regular camera you want to get them out right now.”
Susan’s family which consisted of her mother, father, a thirteen year old older sister and a seven year old younger sister, got onto the side of the stage. On the stage was an air mattress. It was being inflated by a small pump. Alice bent over and disconnected the pump when the air mattress was full. Everyone was buzzing about what was going on. We heard it through the window as we watched. People were pulling out video cameras and regular cameras.
“Susan and John have decided to put on a little impromptu show for everyone here. They will be coming out of my house so if you want you should focus your cameras there. Steven and Susan you can come out now.” she said.
Susan opened the door and taking me by the hand headed for the stage. We heard people gasp as they saw that we were both naked. We saw people with cameras filming us as we headed across the yard toward the stage. We got onto the stage and stood facing everyone there. Susan’s family had gotten off the stage to one side to get a good look. We let everyone have a good look at us.
Alice turned to us and said “Yes they are actually naked. Neither one of them is wearing any clothing. What you are about to see is real. They both wanted to have sex in front of the entire neighborhood. However before they do anything there were a couple of terms I had to agree to. From now on they will be able to be naked whenever and where ever they want to be. All children in the neighborhood will be allowed to be undressed by them. This goes for children from the age of seven to the age of fourteen. They will be able to have sex with these children whenever and where ever they want to. This will last for the next year. I hope I have everyone’s agreement to that?”
I stepped up to Alice and tugged at her sleeve. She bent down to me and I said into the microphone “All the children here between seven and fourteen should get naked right now. We want them naked for the rest of the weekend and they are to come over here tomorrow in the nude, so we can play with them and to have sex. We will be having sex with them one at a time on this stage. You are all welcome to come and watch if you want. If you do this you show that you want our show to happen and you agree to our terms.”
There were about a dozen kids who were in the age range we mention. Their parents moved forward and soon all the kids were naked, this included Susan’s sisters. Alice turned to us and smiled.
“Susan, why don’t you lay down on the air mattress? Steven I want you to get on top of her. Make sure everyone can see what you are doing to her.” said Alice.
Susan laid down on the mattress so her head was facing the crowd while her body was at a slight angle so everyone could see her *****. I went up between her legs, my penis becoming hard once more. I started to rub it against her *****. As I was rubbing it against her ***** I took a look at the crowd. All eyes were on the two of us; even the children were watching us.
When my penis was fully erect I pushed it into her. She moaned as I did it. I then started to get a rhythm going. Our hips started to thrust against each other. I was so entranced by it I forgot we were being watched. We moved back and forth. The feeling was beginning again in my body. Soon it exploded. Susan and I cried out as we had our ******. We collapsed into each other’s arms. We looked up when we heard clapping and cheering. The entire neighborhood it seems enjoyed our sex act.
We stood up and took a bow. We then headed into the house as everyone was starting to get up and leave. Susan went over to her family and spoke to them for a couple of minutes. I was not close enough to hear what they said. Susan came up to me and said “I’m tired. Let’s go to your bed and get some sleep.”
We headed into the house followed by Alice. Alice said “Good night you two. I will lock the door that way no one can disturb you.”
We waived at her as we entered the bed room. We climbed into bed and crawled into each other’s arms. We did not have the energy for sex so we just fell asleep. The next day all dozen kids between the age of seven and fourteen were at our house in the nude. Susan and I took turns on the stage having sex with the kids. Everyone in the neighborhood came out and watched us. People were even bringing out food for each other. They also had their cameras so they could record every kid having sex.
I started with Susan’s seven year old little sister. She and I were the first ones on the stage that morning. Her ***** was even tighter than Susan’s. She even screamed louder than Susan when she had her first ******. I had sex with six kids that day. The youngest was seven and the oldest was thirteen. The thirteen year old had been Susan’s older sister. For the rest of the weekend all the kids were naked and by then end of the weekend most of the kids were having sex with each other. Susan had sex with six boys as well. The youngest being eight and the oldest being fourteen. Susan ended the show with her screwing the fourteen year old boy.
That night I slept in Susan’s parent’s bed with Susan and her two sisters. For the next week Susan and I went around the neighborhood naked and having sex with the kids. It was fun all the kids grew to love the sex. For the next year it was an interesting time. All of the holidays were done in one person or another’s house. All the kids were naked during this time as well. Christmas was a fun time as everyone got a picture of their kid naked in front of the Christmas tree, as a bonus they got pictures of us having sex with their kids in front of the tree.
During that year it was rare to see a kid between the age of seven and fourteen wearing clothing. Sex between the kids was common place. We had sex in yards, in pools, in houses, and even in bedrooms. I even had sex with Susan’s seven year old sister at the intersection to our neighborhood.

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Great fantasy! Would never happen but fun.

fake, over the top, but worth reading

obviously it didnt happen, and maybe it was a bit over the top, but the details dont matter... it was all about havin fun n bein playful, and it was a hell of a fine romp...

Does anyone notice the name change from john to steve

i doubt that happened

Did that really happen

i am rock hard when i read this

Could that be considered rape if a 12 year old had sex with 10 year old

i don't think so


like story


this is pure bullshit and not at all funny

it was not meant to be funny. just a good read.

ofc it is =.=

This was a fantasy story, right?

yep, it is.