I had my first love when I was 13 and she was one of the most beautiful girl in my school. We would hang out on the weekend and went to see some movies, I remembered I always jerk off before I went to meet her so that I wouldn't do anything wrong or forced her to do what she didn't want. Since I really enjoy watching **** and very passionate about sex I always tend to kiss and touch her, at first she would stop me then we would make out whenever there is no one around. I attempt to hump her with our pants on and I knew she loved it so much. After a few weeks I told her it am home alone, so she agreed to visit me while watching tv on the sofa I took her hand and place it on my penis and let her rub it while I took her t shirt off I suck her nipples and rubbing her down there. I attempted to push inside her at first but she stopped me because she said it was so hurt then I went to lick her more and I tried to push my **** inside her again, she did bleed and cry at first then she started to enjoy it. I remember having sex with her three times and I did *** inside her with those three times. Since then we had sex very often and we broke up when she moved into another town. I didn't think we would meet again until we bumped into each other at the mall when we turned 20 I told her that I still love her and she felt the same, so we dated again but didn't really last long since we often argue over small problems.
cjcj0967 cjcj0967
22-25, M
Aug 17, 2014