Johnny And Anal Sex.

Johnny was obviously a girly type. This never really bothered me but he had a dual personality. He acted so proper around other adults, but when were alone, he was a blatant pervert. He was 11 and I was 13. We would parade around naked, touching each others boners and occasionally sucking each other off. But Johnny kept asking me to butt **** him. I had fingered his hole and rimmed him a few times just to put of the act of screwing him but he was more embolden to demand I **** his little pink boy *****.
Eventually, he sat on my face to rim him, which i did. He then sucked me ***** and said, "now let's stick it in me". I was barely ready when he had already pushed my knob up his ***. I could not believe what I was doing but it sure felt good and in it went. I went in and out on him and quickly came. I fear people knowing because it really never was my idea or anything I hoped for, but I sure enjoyed it.

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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

So long as everyone was happy I don't see any harm was done by that :-)