After looking over hundreds of responses for an ad in which I was seeking for a submissive male, I finally made my decision.

First we met for dinner. He behaved exactly as I requested. I could see him a bit tense and worried as he watched over his actions. The act of carrying my bag for me without me even asking me turned me on. After saying good bye at the train station I knew I wanted him as my first sub.

We picked a play date and I was nervous as hell! We first stopped by the pet shop and bought a pink collar and leash for when he misbehaves and a black one he would normally wear.

We got to his place and I had three beers and was feeling buzzed. I still couldn't get myself to start the session. We were upstairs in his bedroom when I finally said **** it and had him fetch the black collar and leash.

I had him kneel as I put it on him and I kissed him. Not sure if I was supposed to or not but I enjoyed it. It took me a while before I had him take his clothes off. He had a nice piece. I rubbed it and he had pre-*** all over. I loved it.

Shortly after I tied his hands behind him. I then told him that he wasn't allowed to kiss me. I found his spot on his neck and kept nibbling, licking, and kissing him. He was so hard.

After almost an hour of him kneeling on the hardwood floor we moved things to the bed after untying him. I had him take my clothes off.

After two years without sex, I got what I wanted and was very pleased with this sub. When I was done I allowed him to jerk off and lick off some of his own *** from his was hot!
We chatted for a bit before I had him drop me at the train station.

The session wasn't as wild as it was in my head but I truly enjoyed it. I look forward to having more playtime with him and expanding my experiences. Hopefully I won't be so nervous next time.
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9 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Very nice story, glad you found a submissive man

**** thats so hott. Would love to talk to tou about it

So sexy that you ordered him to lick his own *** off his hands...

i would be honored to have You add me, Miss... Even more honored if i were one day allowed to serve You.

Mistress I find you to be most fascinating would it be alright with you if i added you to my circle, than i could officially be one of your fans.

But of course! ;)

thank you so much Mistress

Mistress it won't let me add you and it won't let me directly message you. If it would please you, you could add me i believe. i hope you decide to, and i perhaps this would be the first of many many things that i may have a part in pleasing you. It is my earnest hope and dream that somehow there will many ways i may please you now and in the future to come.

Lucky little sub that got to play with you. ;-)

sounds like you had a nice time together. I only wish i could be me meeting with a nice Mistress like you.

Interesting. Practice makes perfect. Have fun!!!

Thank you for sharing that story.