My First Kiss With A Girl

This is my first kiss with another girl i enjoyed it so much. I was at a party with a bunch of people having a really good time and i got drunk. Then i found myself laying on a bed and i heard a door open and i awakened to see who it was, it turned out to be one of my best friends her name is melanie and she was smoking hot nice blonde hair, luscious lips, cute nose, beautiful green eyes, a wonderful set of boobs and a wonderful ***. she was actually in my first story she was one of the girl's ***** who i kissed but back to the story she saw me laying there and said hello in a very nice way she was glad to see me at the party and she also had a drink in her hand, we were both the same age when this happened. The next thing that happened is that she sat beside and me and comforted me holding each other close, she stroked some of my hair behind my ear, starting to lean in and i did the same thing, then our lips met and we kissed each other it was amazing she used some tounge and made it a nice big wet kiss. She had the softest lips that i have ever kissed but we were drunk so i thought it didnt mean anything until the next day when we saw each other. She ran up to me and told me she was a lesbian and hugged me also telling me she loved our kiss from last night that it was unforgetful despite being drunk i thought she would forget but she didn't that's how special it was. We had alot of experiences with each other and i will write about them soon i promise.
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4 Responses Sep 14, 2012

a kiss.......................... means so much!

That is very nice, and very touching. I am glad it turned out to be more meaningful than just a drunken moment.

Great story dear. You are getting much better at this. Looking forward to your next.

I agree with her below - you give great detail (of which I greatly appreciate) !