I spent the week at my friend's beach house, and her dad made his intentions pretty clear. He's always been overly friendly to me, even though he's pretty rude to basically everyone else, especially his family. The first night I was there, he got drunk and said to me that he thought I was a very attractive young lady, and he was a very wealthy man who could show me the finer things in life if I let him. I remained impartial, mainly because if I was perceiving this the wrong way, I could seem like I was being extremely inappropriate. But as the week went on, I could see that he was hinting at exactly what I thought. Whenever he was in the same room as me, he would stand next to me, and touch my arm. I would stiffen, but not say anything. It didn't make me uncomfortable,but I simply wasn't interested. He would give me LOTS of compliments, mainly about my appearance. The funniest part to me was that he was always flashing cash around me, and liked to make many comments about how "loaded" he was. On the last night I was there, when we were alone in the same room, he asked me if I "had a boyfriend, and if I'd ever thought about a relationship with an older man". I told him I did have a boyfriend (I don't) and that boys my age are just fine. Haha I do actually find older men attractive, but he's my best friend's dad, and I just wasn't attracted to him. Oh well. Btw he still drops hints at me. That's my experience :P
ellenbeing ellenbeing
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014