I Had My Gallbladder Removed, And I'm Fine..ish :p

I had my Gallbladder removed on the 28th March 2012, had been suffering beforehand for about a year or over. The actual surgery went well, they made four incisions and it took about 45 mins, when waking up I wasnt even sore! mind you I had had morphine and Tramadol so :P it was hard to walk around for about 4 days after but it does get easier as long as you take tiny steps around the house, but still. Recovery does NOT always take 2 weeks it can take a lot longer, and you should get yourself checked up by the doctor just in case! at any pains or aches, I had aches in my belly button cut about 3 weeks after which just got worse and worse to the point where I was screaming because I was in so much pain! I then went to see the surgeon because I was so ill with it, he then said I might have a hernia or a blood clot so he had to open me back up to have a look, this was the 10th May 2012, so only 6 weeks after my op! I know Im going to get a lot better now, I think the operation was worth it though :) although being opened back up means I have to have another 2 weeks off and rest and stuff, it means that my cuts are all safe, it turns out that I didnt have a hernia or a blood clot luckily, just so very very severe scar tissue and some irritation off the stitches inside my cut.  Please dont feel scared after this though! Im 18 years old, and Im fine now :) Just dont be afraid of having your gallbladder removed :) It's such a normal op and so common now :) it will hurt, but the benefits are great! I can now eat normally, and I would have been fine..minus being opened back up but thats very rare, I hope I have helped :) 
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Thank you Lauraa for this, reading these forums has helped me decide to go ahead with the surgery - I only found out today that I have about 10-15 small gallstones. Been waiting for months to finally be sorted lets see how much longer to have the surgery...Many thanks for your help