Gallbladder Removed At 19

After I finished my finals, I went home and took a well deserved nap. I felt a slight pain at the bottom of my right ribcage as I woke up. I thought it was caused by something I ate. By 4PM, I was curled into the fetal position in immense pain that wouldn't stop. After a few hours at the hospital, tests revealed I had gallstones and was having a gallstone attack. I was scheduled to see a surgeon the next morning and scheduled the surgery a few days later. This was an immense change to my life, as I was healthy otherwise, with no signs of being ill or unhealthy, to requiring surgery to remove my gallbladder in a few days. Although I was thinking against it, I went ahead with the surgery. I'll say reading people's stories on the Internet did NOT help with my fears/concerns since a majority of them were negative. I'm not saying everyone who undergoes gallbladder removal will recover to 100% as they were before, its all based on how your body heals and adapts. My body, in my opinion, has healed and adapted pretty well, although complications can occur.

I had the surgery done laparoscopically. The cuts were about 1/4 of an inch, and the scarring was about the diameter of my pinky, very small and not noticeable. Surgery was scheduled at 11am and I was on my way home at about 3pm.

For the first few days after surgery, I had pains from the gas they had to put in me to perform the surgery, usually in my shoulders when I walked and stood up. Within a week, this was gone. I also had some minor diarrhea for 3 weeks regardless of what I ate(first few days, all I ate was fruits, crackers, bagels and still had diarrhea), but its gotten much better and I now have normal bowel movements regardless of what I eat (I celebrated 1 month after my surgery with burgers and fries, had no issues other than a little gas). My diet hasn't changed at all thankfully

I have no regrets, as my gallbladder was in pretty bad shape. Not only did I have gallstones, I had gallbladder wall thickening as well. My gallbladder was very ill and the days leading up to the surgery, I could definitely notice that it was not good. They found many gallstones inside and found that a stone was impacted in the gallbladder neck. Even if it had passed, there were plenty of other bigger stones ready to get lodged in there, which would only cause even worse problems.
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Thank you for your post. I'm also 19 and just found out I have to have my gallbladder removed. I've been very worried, but this makes me feel a little better :)