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It would seem the average opinion of the average medical professional that the Gall Bladder is an unnecessary organ.  I'd like to believe we weren't born with unnecessary extras...

Supposedly, after researching the organ, the lovely and often time pain inducing Gall Bladder has a function after all.  It produces enzymes that are to assist in the process of breaking down and digesting food.  Can we function without the Gall Bladder?  Sure.  Is it more difficult?  For some, yes and for others they notice no difference other than the obvious absence of pain.

I have a neurological condition/disease brought on by a sudden trauma to joints.  It would seem that is enough, however, it's not.  The condition is one that can/will cause the deterioration of your entire body, in short.  My Gall Bladder was soon under attack.

In September of 2006 I had a 20 minute bout of pain in my stomach that I could not understand.  I'd never felt anything like it before and had no clue what brought it on.  It passed and I tried to forget it.  A couple months later it happened again.  I did the same thing trying to forget it.  However, as the months passed the 'attacks' became lengthier and much more painful.  They also began to happen with a frequency - too frequent.

In May 2007 I decided to see the doctor about it.  I had to see him about many other health concerns I'd allowed to pile up as well so throwing this 'stomach pain' in the mix wasn't a big deal to me - I wouldn't be going to the doctor just to complain about a pain in my stomach that's not consistent or constant.  I also decided it was time to heed the pleas of those around me as the last 'attack' nearly killed me or at least we all thought it would but I refused to go to the ER.  Stubborn, yeah I know.  But I've spent enough time in hospitals, doctor's offices, etc. without being 'healed.'  I am going to be adverse to going the doc or hospital without serious cause.  Blood was drawn, prescriptions written and another appointment made for 30 days later to follow up and get the results of the blood tests.

The VERY day I was to see the doctor for my test results I ended up in the hospital.  I am the one who requested to be taken to the ER.  Believe it or not!  I KNEW something was wrong - REALLY wrong.  The last time I'd gone to the hospital willingly was in Dec 2005.  Had I not gone to the ER that night they said I would have died. 

The pain started at 5 a.m.  At 9:30 a.m. I began trying to locate my significant other at work to take me to the doc or the ER.  I finally arrived at the ER around 10:45 a.m.  The pain had not yet eased up despite everything I'd tried that had worked in the past.  This is the kind of pain I cannot begin to describe.  It's well beyond the pain I already go through on a daily basis. 

They didn't even triage me.  Oh NO NO!  They put me in a wheelchair without as much as asking my name or what was wrong and rushed me to a private room.  They put me in the bed and started an IV immediately - still no questions asked.  They took my vitals and THEN began to ask questions.  Evidently they thought I was having a heart attack.  I must have looked TERRIBLE!

An onslaught of tests were ordered and off I was wheeled still writhing in pain after 2 shots of morphine into my slow drip IV. 

Four VERY long hours later they confirmed it was my Gall Bladder.  They finally tried an anti-inflammatory drug in my IV because I had been (literally) screaming and moaning, flailing about in pain for four hours despite several rounds of morphine.  Relief!  Sweet sweet RELIEF!  Nearly instantly that anti-inflammatory went to work.  I sat up in bed and was able to have a conversation without blinding flashes of pain that caused involuntary screams of agony.

It had passed.  Thank you, God!  This one was the longest and most intense yet - almost 10 hours long and on the pain scale of 1-10 it was a 15.  I sit at an 8 regularly (average day) ... I'm no stranger to pain but this?  This was something different, something much more intense, something I cannot describe and only those who've gone through that pain understand how awful it is.  JEEEEZ!

They tell me they're going to get the ambulance to take me to the other hospital to have the organ removed.  Umm ... #1 I have my own car and driver here.  No need to bother with your ambulance or the bill that will follow.  #2 I was told after being diagnosed with RSD to avoid surgery at all costs.  #3 Umm ... NO!  Don't I get to talk to a doctor, you know ... have a consultation first?  Perhaps the ER doc can talk to me?  I have some questions and definitely some concerns.

Now that's not how I spoke to the nurse but that's basically what I conveyed...

No offense to any doctor who might be reading this but ... Doctors and nurses do not like being asked questions.  It makes no difference how sincere your question, they take it as you challenging them.

Needless to say I began the process of getting myself released against doctor's advice since they wouldn't sit down and talk to me about what was going on.  And there were only 2 other people in the ER as patients.  They were NOT busy.  The nurse went so far as to take tone with me and raise her voice!!! Oh yes she did!  I flew out of that bed and followed her into the private area of the nurses station with my IV in tow.  All I wanted was some answers.  This is where she finally told me that I could die from this, that my Gallbladder was near to bursting.  Well my goodness if someone would have just told me to begin with we wouldn't be here screaming at each other now would we?!?!?

An hour later I was at the other hospital being admitted for emergency surgery and the rest is history.

If you are a medical professional reading this please, Please, PLEASE be at least compassionate enough with your patients to sit down and answer their questions no matter how stupid you think their questions are, no matter how angry you might be with them for asking questions, no matter how you might feel about them personally.  It's their health, their body, and their peace of mind.  Most of the time you can't simply treat the ailment as there is much more to it than this.  You must treat the WHOLE of the patient and this means their peace of mind as well - answering questions.  Put a patient at ease and it goes a LONG way toward making your job that much easier.

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im 1.5 years post GB removal - nobody ever even mentioned to me how close to death I was even though my GB HAD actually burst... Thanks to google almighty only I know and appreciate life a bit more

Wow that would be the last thing on my mind ,, I would thank them for taking care of me not looking for an argument

I suffered for 3 years as well and my local hospital and gastro doctor made me feel like it was all my imagination. then I had an episode where the pain did not subside so after 1 day and a half, I traveled an hour and a half away to another hospital where I was admitted into the trauma unit and had an emergency ERCP followed by emergency gallbladder surgery to remove it. My liver and pancreas were about to fail. It was life threatening. A month later I feel like a new woman. For 3 years, if you take away the pain of the attacks, I still had a constant discomfort - like a fist was em<x>bedded below my sternum. I know if I did not make that road trip to Hershey Medical Center, I would have died from the ascending cholangitis that had developed. YOU know your body and if your hospital and/or doctor is not taking you seriously - move on and find someone who will before it is too late.

AbbyNormal - it sounds like you've been to hell and back and you certainly don't seem to have done anything to deserve it. Have things gotten any better since your last post? Your experience at the hands of medical professionals sure sounds familiar...And you're right, all people want is to feel that the doctor cares- compassion is key. Did you ever find out what caused your gall bladder disease. I just ask because taking certain medication has been linked to developing conditions like gall bladder disease. It has been reported that taking Yaz or Yasmin birth control for example, has been linked to gall bladder disease, and now many women whose lives have been turned upside down like you because of their gall bladder disease which could have been linked to taking yaz, are pursuing legal action against its makers. broadway actress Brenda Hamilton filed a lawsuit over yaz in June, and so did California resident louise Thanos, claiming taking the pill contributed to her gall bladder failure. It may be worth exploring this area, if you're trying to get to the bottom of what caused your disease. Just so you're aware,

My gallbladder disease was a direct result of yaz. It's disguising.

Haha, good for you for standing up and asking questions. And shame on them for not explaining things well. I am a nurse and applaud my patients that ask questions. I encourage them to always do so, that they need to understand their health and what is going on with in their bodies. So many people just go with the flow and do whatever they are told by a nurse or doctor, but we are people too and make mistakes. And we don't know everything. Especially when it comes to abdominal pain. That is always a horror to here because there is so much that can go wrong in the abdomen. And often times it may just be pain being differed there and the cause isn't even located anywhere near where your pain is being felt. I JUST had my gallbladder out also, and though I knew what was causing the pain, and so did they really I suffered for years before they truely figured it out. They always went back to doing an ultrasound and nope, no stones, so we don't know what's wrong with you. Finally my nurse practitioner, yes i see a nurse instead of a doc when I can, ordered a Kinevac Hida scan and guess what?, 0% function. When they removed it, it was necrotic, or decaying. Tsk, tsk. In all fairness I also have endometriosis, GERD, IBS, and reoccuring abdominal hernias, so believe me I know all about stomach pain, and yes with me it gets very confusing to figure out what's wrong with me this time. But yes if you feel you are having problems with your gallbladder make them go beyond blood tests, and ultrasound. The Hida scan is a great way to find gallbladder disease without stones but it is not infallible either. In truth medicine is not a perfect science and people need to keep that in mind. We are always learning new things and every person is different. All the more reason for people to ask those questions and sit up and take responsibility for there health. Which is a tsk for the author for putting off going into the doc. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong and you should listen to it!<br />
Don't be stubborn, it may cost you your life, or turn something that would have been a quick fix into a prolonged illness or disability,

My husband was in terrible pain on a Monday night so I took him to the er. After seven hours and some heavy pain medicine they told him he had a stomach virus to go home and take ultram, a non narcotic pain medicine.Needless to say he was still in unbearable pain Wed,so i took him back to the er this time they did a cat scan and said that his gallbladder was inflamed and infected and needed immediate surgery.The next day they took him to surgery at 11:30 am and he didnt come back until about 2:30 that was the longest three hours ever. The surgeon said his gallbladder was rotten and that they got it out just in time.So if your stomach hurts really bad and you go to the hospital checking your blood and urine is not always enough! Make sure they do x rays or catscans.

Good for you! Dr's and Nurses don't like being asked questions or being told something because they are SO afraid you will discover how ignorant they are and not look up to them as Gods, which is what they think they are. So many times i have come up with information they never heard of. Don't tell them you read it on the net or they will laugh, but then you discover it is the truth and they don't even know about the latest medication, procedure, studies, side effects, and even medical conditions. They are too busy playing God to keep up with their education and stay up-to-date on what they need to know to take care of patients. <br />
<br />
I'm in the process of getting tests done, and having my surgery next week. Always be your own health care advocate - Dr, Nurses, Friends and family Do Not Know. YOU know because it's your body. Stay informed and ready to defend yourself.

Yeah Doctors just love diseases, After having my gall bladder removed, I got the tour of the hospital and the going;s on. My main goal in life is to stay out of it. Since Ive learned so much about alternative.
I beleive my gall blader was removed because I was cut by a bad oyster. I was one hurten unit., thought I was going to die.
They filled me with antibiotics and took the GB probably because thats where the $$ was. I dont think Im supose to eat raw oysters again.
Since, I ate an oyster by accident at work, Went thru the same excruseating pain but instaed of the hospital I used colloidal silver, Bang this knocked the infection it right out.
Also used a frequency generator to cure macular degeneration. which my doctor told me there was no cure for.
The whole industry is pretty corrupt. learn all you can about alternative meds, herbs, frequencies, minerals, ect.
I know they think there God(s) but actually I think this is the anti Christ. drug pushers and parasites who harvest humans with unnecessary surgery who can care less if you live or die.
EX: Take Aids/HIV, easy cure, Get off drugs, kill the virus with a frequency generator, then rebuild the immune system. Kidnet &amp; liver cleanse
Im sure there is more to it, but this is the basic cure. Meanwhile millions are dying and millions are dead the industry is making billions.

Colloidal silver has save millions from unnecesary surgery, people with GB problem should try this first. Mine (so the doctor says) was infected, yet I was feeling no pain in that area.

Doctors have no idea. For two years i kept telling them i had stabbing pain in my chest that lasted 15-20mins then just went. They kept telling me it was wind! you would think if they were medically trained then they would know the symptoms! Luckily or unluckily i got rushed into hospital 2 years ago with pain that wouldnt go away (spent most of the weekend eating rubbish food at my boyfriends which contributed to the pain coming on). After two hours of pain and desperatly wanting to sleep (3 in the morning by now, after pain starting at 11) they finally gave me morphine! At last relief. Then had to wait 3 months to have my gallbladder removed. Lost loads of weight as couldnt eat any fat in foods. Now feel great! only downside is i now am intolerant to wheat and dairy. It may be coincedence but who knows!

So sorry you had to endure that,sounded like a night mare. I had been diagnosed with gallbladder desease a year before I had to get mine out, I just had pressure under my right side just benith my rib cage, they diagnosed it right away with blood tests.I was told what to exspect and knew It was a matter of time before I had to have it taken out. I had it out Dec. 06,I had pain one morning I couldn't even discribe how bad it was, Horrendous doesn't come close, It came on me so fast. Went to the hospital and had surgery the next morning, they were able to keep me comfortable with drugs over night. Such a little organ,and the pain it causes, unreal, I have not had any side affects of having that bastard removed. Hope all is well with you also.