Gallbladder Surgery Gone Wrong

I went in for what was to be a routine gallbladder removal...ended up with a 3 month hospital stay. 9 procedures and a 14 hour reconstructive surgery later I am ok. It was the worst thing I have ever gone through. I was in so much pain, depressed and I thought my life was over. The surgeon cut the wrong duct...he severed the bile duct. I am wondering if anyone else had experienced this? Has anyone filed a lawsuit? Thanks!

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I also had a bad surgery. My doctor perforated my sigmoid colon and almost killed me. This happened in 2008 and I am still suffering

had a gallbladder surgery and the dr who performed the operation said the dr who said I needed this surgery was wrong!I have no gallbladder, and now 4 yrs later I am in awful pain. I have not had a normal BM since the surgery. everthing I eat just comes out as water.
I go to the bathroom 12-15 times a day. cannot do anything due to this life style. has this happen to anyone?

My mother had this done to her June 13, 2007 the surgeon cut her bile duct, cystic duct and her hepatic artery this was clearly grounds for medical malpractice however 5 years later she got her day in court yesterday the jury dilberated for 4 and half hours and come back with a not guilty verdict she didn't even get so much as her 200,000 dollars in medical bills paid clearly the jury did not understand what breaching the standard of care meant considering they were still asking what it was 2 hours into dilberation we are now seeking an appeal plus we had 1 juror that kept felling asleep during trial listen ppl I know that court can be boring sometimes you need to consider that you hold someones life in your hands and it is not right that these doctors get by with this until eventually they kill someone!!!

I am a 44 year old female that had my gallbladder removed last June. Instead of cutting my cystic duct, the Dr. cut my bile duct, and main hepatic artery to my liver. My life has been changed in ways I could never imagine. My surgeon was in a hurry to go out of town and I was his last case of the day. I have tried to pursue this legally - and I have found nothing but dead ends. My liver enzimes are very high and I am now positive for ANA anitbodies. Dr's aren't sure why. I'm awaiting more tests.... I would be very interested in finding out who you were able to retain as an attorney. I am petrified beyond belief! They are now talking about a liver biopsy, etc.<br />
Please let me know where you were able to find help!<br />
Hope you are feeling o.k.

Funny you should ask-I was just thinking today that I need to contact my attorney. I owe him the results of my liver enzyme check-thing is, I need to go to the doctor and get it checked! The attorney says waiting until closer to the statue of limitations is nearing is better in case problems develop. I had thought we were good to go until he told me he wanted to hold off some. <br />
<br />
Since the surgery I feel ok...some issues-more stomache aches-never had that problem before the surgery. Also some just not feeling right symtoms-just different that before. Other than that I am just worried-as I hear that the first 2 years after the injury is most critical. I am fearful for the liver transplant that I keep hearing is common with this injury the first 2 years.<br />
Thanks for asking!

Any updates? I would like to know how things are going for you. Both legal and health wise.<br />
After the all the surgery, are you able to have any normalcy now?

Oh I do have an attorney...the lawsuit is in the works..getting close to being wrapped up..I was just wondering if there are other ppl who have filed a malpractice suit for a bile duct injury.