Gallblatter Removal At Age 19

I am turning 22 in less than a month. Now let me set the situation.

I was working at the restruant I worked at back in November of 2005 when I felt horrible horrible stabbing pains in my lower stomach area. I cudn't even stand, and considering I was a hostess I kind of had to be paying attention.

I really had no idea what to do, so I told a friend I was closer to what was happening to my stomache and she suggested I go to the hospital. I told her I had no insurance and didnt want to leave because what if it was nothing and had a huge ER bill to pay for no reason.

After 15 minutes and a lot of MORE STABBING pains, i called a friend and told her to come get me from work.

Thankgod my boss let me go because after a few hours of sitting in the waiting room of the ER I was finially seen and they did a bunch of blood tests on me and could not find the cause for my stomach pains.

A bunch of hours later I felt bad because my friend was still waiting for me and considering it was really late I told them I had to go (hey they hand't found out anything and where waiting for blood results ad exprays and such, which could have taken a long time.)

I gave them my number and told them to call me with the results at my house.

an hour later, they called and the doctor suggested I come in right away for emergancy surgery. He needed to remove my gallblatter. They originally didnt want to test me for it because of how young I am. But alas they did, thankgod.

Apparently I had over 20sumthing big gallstones in my gallblatter and it was going to burst if i didnt have emergancy surgery.

Now considering my birthday was in like 2-3 days I was like **** NO i'm not having surgery now, so they opted to have the surgery the day after my birthday. Now here's the situation :


My birthday falls around thanksgiving ALL THE TIME. That year my birthday was 2 days before (this year it is on thanksgiving)

So I had my birthday (which i had to fast on, so i cudnt go anything fun - no drinking, no eating, no cigs) and then i had my surgery the next day and the day after was THANKSGIVING so i wasn't even allowed to eat anything there, IT SUCKED


but all i gotta say is, thankgod i'm alive because if i hadnt gotten checked my gallblatter wud have burst and i probablly wudnt be here now.


* if i left out any details, my bad, it's been like almost 2 years and a lot has happened in those two year. my memory is bad.

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Wow! That really sucks! I had my gallbladder removed when I was 13 years old. I will be 20 in about three days now.

well i just found out that i have gallstones and they want me to have surgery but i dont have the money for it right now and i have ben to the hospital 3 times and it had not even ben a week yet it is very painfull.....well good luck to you all.

well basically my doctor told me that they just looped my liver all togeather from my stomach, cutting out the equation of a gallblatter by having the bile constintly rotate on its own... <br />
<br />
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i'm almost positive thats what goes on

I had my gallbladder removed when I was 27. It took Docs two years of telling me I had wind before I eventually got rushed to hospital and put on morphine! I was told you only get gallstones if you are fat and over 40, i'm neither!