It Affected My Life!

Ive never been one for big hair change. I think once you get to a certain age you should know what your hair will and wont do and what styles suit you....
Last april, after moving to a new area I asked one of my partners friends to come and do my hair. She always cut his so i presumed she would be good as his hair always looked wrong I was!
After showing her some styles i liked, we agreed on a funky bob that i knew my hair would suit... It wasnt one length but it wasnt short either...anyway....she started cutting and i could see long lengths of hair hitting the floor. I didnt have a mirror in front of me so couldnt see what she was doing but being a friend I trusted her to make a nice job.
When she'd finished and i looked in the mirror I couldve cried! (i did later)..she,d cut the top and back really short and left the sides looked ridiculous! I should have gone to get corrected but that would have meant it being really short and really short dosnt suit me either....
So i spent the next 8 months growing my hair again and have just got a great cut from a lady that was recommended to me by someone whose hair always looks fab.
Im sure we,ve all had a bad haircut at sometime in our lives...That was happy with it now but i,ll never recommend her to anyone who values what they look like.
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Jan 20, 2013