When does it stop hurting. I've tried writing about it, venting about it, crying- nothing helps.
Kayli90 Kayli90
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

It does get better. Just remember to be kind to yourself while you are going through this - like you would a friend. We often treat others going through tough times than we do ourselves. When it seems unbearable ask yourself what would I do for a friend? Take care of yourself too.

Thanks for the advice. I am actually feeling better a few months on, but every once in a while it still trips me up. Hope you're well :-)

I know ,I'm in same mood with u but we have to live and make our self refresh for better life ;)

Oh how I wish I could answer that. It lessens over time but there will always be a scar. The only thing that has helped me so far is being on this site and talking to wonderful people that understand the pain I feel since they are also going through it or have gone through it. While I may not be able to make you feel better, perhaps just being there to listen may be helpful to you. I spend many hours on EP now in case you wish to have someone to talk to that understands.

Thank you for the advice and for offering to listen. I might have to take you up on that sometime :-)