Another Day, Another Casualty

Last year, I had a friend. He was the funniest, most awesome person I'd ever met. And every day I'd look forward to the train trip with him in the morning, and the bus trip in the afternoon, and the hours of the day we'd spend together just talking and laughing for hours. We hung out with different groups at school, but honestly we spent more time with each other, and definately had more fun.

We really became close in the last few months of 2008, when his group was falling apart and he came to me to cheer him up. I felt we really bonded, and I had never felt so happy as when I was just constantly laughing with him over the silliest little things.

So over Summer break, we talked over MSN, and we stayed up until the early hours of the morning IMing and laughing. School returned, and everything was great. We continued just as we had, and his group dramas were over.

But I became really worried about losing him, and I found out that he'd told his group about something I'd told him, and silly me thought I had some kind of reputation I needed to keep with them. I had a bit of a go at him, and said some things I'd later come to regret.

Enter the other girl. For the sake of this story, we'll call my friend Bob and the other girl Cris. Well, before Bob and I had become good friends, Cris and Bob were. And then as Bob and I started spending more and more time together, Cris got sadder and sadder, to the point where she didn't talk to me or Bob anymore, and only certain people in her group.

So Bob and I had our argument, and he started ignoring me after that, and no apology I made could turn him around. Cris jumped on the opportunity to become good friends with Bob again, and boy, did she do everything in her power to keep me out of her way. In the meantime, I was constantly in pain whenever Bob was around, and honestly, 2 days after our argument, Cris had become me. She downloaded music for him because he has **** internet, she started catching his bus, though her own bus was way more convenient, and she began spending as much of her time as she could with him. All things I'd done in the past.

So not really feeling comfortable standing by and watching Cris be a replacement for myself, I told her I think I might start catching the later train. Cris and I had been friends since before I'd even met Bob. And Cris took it to heart, or at least pretended to. She told Bob all about how I was being a ***** and that I'd made her cry, and a whole bunch of lies, and Bob hated me so much.

I don't know what she told him, but from what I gathered it was a bunch of lies, because he told me that Cris catching the Bus 50 doesnt mean she's trying to avoid me, and I don't need to let a fight with him ruin Cris and I's friendship, and I shouldn't take it out on anyone but him, and I should stop being a ***** to everyone.

I dunno where to start on that. How about, the Bus 50 is the bus I catch anyway, so it's impossible for her to be avoiding me by catching that bus. Also, being a ***** to Cris doesn't mean I'm being a ***** to everyone, and as far as I'm concerned I wasn't being a ***** to Cris at all.

Anyway, 14 days later, right when I'd lost all hope for Bob ever forgiving me, I was doing ice skating for sport, which was the sport he'd chosen too. I went to go talk to someone why my bestie Kiara had a rest. I looked behind me to see Bob sitting next to Kiara. I walked over to tell Kiara someone had chips, and Bob left. I later found out that Bob had said 'Does she talk about me a lot?' to Kiara. Well, for the next 2 days I was feeling so depressed and confused about whether Bob talked about me a lot, or missed me or anything.

Then, on Friday night, 16 days after the fight, Bob unblocked me on MSN. He said he was willing to give us another go. I don't think I'd cried so much since I was 5 and my favourite tree in my backyard was cut down. It was like all the tears I'd held onto during our fight were released, and he said he just wanted everything to go back to normal. And I thought they would.

What a stupid thing to think.

[To be continued...]

brokengirl890 brokengirl890
Mar 20, 2009