So Be It I Guess

Well i be single again it is not very fun i wanted to be married i thought it would be amazing and now that is over and i dont really know what to do i really wish i did cuz then this would be easier. i wanted to marry this girl and i know i did something not sure what it was weather it be distance or not i dont know but i wanted it bad and now its all gone. it hurts me to hear her with another guy so soon and one that treats her like crap it just hurts me inside because i love that girl and would have never treated her bad, she would have been queen of my world and love of my life the one to come home to the one i can love. i wish she wouldnt have done it but i know she has her reasons i will miss her forever and miss what we could have had, i guess i shouldnt mope i should try to move on but no one can replace her not any one at all. and now i am stuck with what do i do i like this one girl alot but i still feel for my past and also this woman is 45 years old when im only 21 she is sweet and mature and i dont know what to do because i do like her but i cant get over my past because i would still have rather had my past as strange as that sounds.

18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

"queen of my world" - wow, a young man to feel that way. I admire your visual desc<x>ription. Stay true to your heart, my friend. Someday, you will be rewarded with someone who knows how to take care of it well. I'd like to think we all will.