Lucky Break For the Family

That's what everyone said anyways. We lived in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. We only had one vehicle... My stepmother had to go pick my dad up from work at about 430pm. She normally left the five of us kids alone to get him and was home by 6. She had to go to the grocery store and would be gone longer than a few hours. Meaning that she took all of us with her at 4. My brother and I had been practicing baseball on the back porch (really just a 40 by 15 foot long cement slab). We all loaded up into her 87 Monte Carlo SS. All six of us. Boy were we complaining! Some of us thought we could stay home but no she made us all go. We were so pissed off at her! We headed to the store. See we were on assistance and we only went shopping once a month. I think she spent around $400. After getting my dad we drove home. Of course we (the kids) were acting stupid. Put five kids in the back seat of a car and of course they will act stupid. Then the car went off the road and my step mom was crying saying my dad's name over and over. He was just staring. I will never forget how it looked. There was nothing... NOTHING... About four fire trucks and a couple of cops. A few firefighters... And a huge burn pile were our home had been three hours ago. My parents made us stay at the bottom of the hill as they went up to talk to the fire marshal. It was hard. I'm not very good with emotion and I was only eleven. But I just wanted everyone to forget it was happening. I was making jokes and playing with my youngest brother (step brother). He was only seven... Finally my older (step) brother went crazy on me and started punching the car over and over again. My step sister started to hyperventilate and I just laughed... My step mom came to get us kids. Probably more to support herself. My only brother, only real sibling and I were the only ones at the bottom of the hill. He didn't even know that he was crying. He was only nine. I told him that I was going to go up the hill and he stopped me. He put both hands on either of my shoulders and told me that he loved me. I love you too... He shook me a little, No really I love you. Everything we have is gone. But I know that I still have you and I love you. Then he hugged me. Now I was crying. We were still hugging when our father came to get us. He put his arms around and walked us up the hill. He is such a strong man and my brother now 21 is just like him... At the top of the hill my brother and I found our baseball gloves where we had left them. Except now they were just two molten blobs of leather... After a few days we got the reports from the fire marshal. He concluded that  the house started burning at 430. That is was an electrical fire. That the entire trailer was in flames in about 5 minutes. That if anyone had been in the house he didn't believe that they would have made it out...
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Yeah... We did not have insurance... But we did get a lot of help. It was a very wierd time in our lives because we couldn't go live with our mom (brother and I) and the same with my step siblings. Ended up all seven of us living with my dad's newly bachelored friend for two months and then we moved out of state! Crazy how things happen. And, emerald, you're 100% right about losing good memories to bad. But you know I never thought it was that bad until I was older. You know? Normally when I tell people that it happened I have to tell them not to feel sorry for me. But I think now I know that to get over something you have to accept it first.

It sounds like your family managed to stand together under trying circumstances. What happened next?

Thank you for sharing this story. It is devastating to loose your sole belongings to a house disaster. Even though I have home insurance, one of my biggest fears is my house being destroyed. Most items in a house can be replaced, but NOT pictures, momentos, and such personal items. Good memories are lost to a devistating memory you'd rather FORGET! I'm glad your family was safe though, and you had each other to turn to for comfort.