I Bet This Group Will Be a Popular One

About two weeks after I had my accident in the spring of 1998, I came home and there were San Marcos firetrucks all over the place.  My dumbass roommate and his girlfriend had set the place on fire.  They were cooking food and forgot about it.  We couldn't live there for 5 months.  It destroyed a lot of my stuff through smoke damage.  I had a hard enough time getting around already since I had a broken arm and heel bone.  It was bad timing. 
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5 Responses Jun 19, 2007

That sucks

Haha, yeah that would have been nice Tumblin'! My roommates were an annoyance already, neither me nor my other roommate who owned the place liked them. Our distaste for them only grew stronger.

You should have had a nice nurse with white stockings and big breasts to take care of you (wink)

In the case of having your roommates set your house on fire - good timing is hard to come by.

Wow. That sucks. Must have been a pretty trying period of your life!