I Hate Extremely Loud Banging Sounds

I remember... I was 8 and I remember how u had to keep me from the outside for a couple of weeks... I remember u were in the house crying and shooting up drugs...I remember seeing my brother and his friends on the roof hiding a little and laughing.. I remember one day I was playing hopscotch on the sidewalk... then I remember everything going silence and my heart was the only thing I can hear...I slowly looked up at my brother on the roof...and remember the look on his face..I slowly turned around and these men were coming straight for me...I stood there just looking...I remember all of a sudden hearing a gun shot and I jumped out of my skin...I came back to reality and turned to look at my brother and he said run Rae...I stood in shock still and he shot it again and I felt this terror and as one tried to grab me, I ran fast and fitted through the bars and ran through the houses neighborhoods... hearing gun shots from a ditch that I hid in to get away from u...tears pouring down my fast...creating a puddle below me... I was scared and frightened... after awhile I came out I walked around looking lost and confused...then someone grabbed me...I screamed and squirmed....and the person put me in he car and it was my brother...I hugged him tightly...and sobbed...it was ur fault that my life almost ended or I got kidnapped...u and ur stupid drugs...I remember my mom that raised me didn't let u have anymore visitation rights until u got ur self together...ur not my mother...ur a stranger that I simply don't know...
rae16 rae16
18-21, F
May 10, 2012