It Was A Quiet Night...

I was laying down on the couch watching a movie and there was a short quick knock on the door. I was too comfy to get up, so I called out, "come on in", but nothing happened. I let out a heavy sigh and got up off the couch and headed toward the door to answer it. As I reached for the doorknob I saw it turn and the door opened. In through the crack of the opening door came the barrel of a Remington pump shotgun, soon followed by a bandanna faced man. He pointed at the floor with the barrel of the gun and said, "lay down on the ground and you won't get hurt". I stared at him incredulously. He pointed with the gun again and repeated his words. "lay down on the ground and you won't get hurt".

I said one thing to him, "Bull ****!" and I grabbed the barrel of the gun with both hands and slammed it up against his chest. he flew back into the door jamb, and his eyes grew as large as baseballs. This was not what he expected to happen at all. We wrestled out the door and fell down on the front porch. We did a see saw tug of war with the gun, pulling it back and forth between us. I finally turned on the 'super strength' and ripped the shotgun from his hands. I raised that shotgun to my shoulder, aimed at his face, and pulled the trigger.

I've experienced many a serious moment in my life, but this one was perhaps the most serious of any of them. The gun made a very tiny "click". I told him he was lucky that he was an idiot for trying to rob me with an unloaded gun. At this moment, his friend jumped from the shadows and hit me in the head several times in rapid succession. I fell down again, and they grabbed the gun and ran off into the woods.

The fighting words, "I'll kill you" mean very little to me. I have been in a life or death struggle once, and even though it turned out that no-one was going to die from it, I didn't know that at the time. I don't scare easily. Never have, and never will...  

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

You gotta protect yourself. I think if more people responded bravely and confidently in these types of situations that criminals would have to think twice before trying to victimize somebody. kudos to you!

E: Good for that 80 year old man! I like his spirit <br />
S: I always lock the door now. No-one can just walk in on me anymore...

good 4 u now go and by urself a gun and keep it where u can get to it at all times dont just tell people to come in if u dont know who they are 4this will happen again sooner or later its a f***** up world we live in