I Have Never Beenso Afraid

 I didn''t know if I could get out of this one. The shrinks always say things are going to get worse when you actually try to leave. They don't mention  just how much worse because you might think twice about it. Now he knew my plan was to leave take the girls  with me and start over Now he shared his plan.To dig a hole right here where he threw me,beat me to death and bury me. And his plan had his shovel and a good reason for my unexplained disappearence.I thought his had a very good chance of being reality any minute.I never lied so much in my life I wouldve sold my soul to get out of there alive and if you beleeived what I told him I did, A s soon as i had the chance my  kidsand I were out of there but he got his revenge, in another story. 

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

hello many women fleeing domestic violence/abuse are not able to get much help. It's a difficult circumstance to be in & I'm relieved your family escaped. You need to realize your not alone many women & children have gone through similar things. The great thing about a child's mentality is their very resiliant & with love/care any difficulties they face can be overcome. "Time Heals" God Bless

Glad you got out...