A Couple Of Times...

When I was a teenager I lived with my dad and his 'new familly' in the USA for a little over 4 years. My dad went into rages for the smallest things. During a couple of those rages he beat me and when he had had enough he threw me on an edge of the kitchen table to try to hurt me even more. I would compose myself and start running away from him, this pissed him off and he would always chase me. I always ran into my room and locked the door, this made him even more furious because he believed that he had the right to beat me. He screamed and hit the door and kicked it as hard as he could in an effort to break it down, once he managed to break a hole in the door. Most of the time he would give up and walk away but I gave in a couple of times and when I opened the door he pushed me to the floor as hard as he could, then hold me down and raise his fist, thankfully I managed to duck his punches and sometimes my guardian angels intervened and he literally couldn't move his hand. He would then scream that he wanted to kill me and also said that he had every right to kill me or 'take me out of this life' when he wanted because he helped bring me into this life. This scared the crap out of me.

I only stayed there because I felt I had to protect my younger siblings, I was so afraid my dad would start abusing them if I were to leave, I loved them more than anything. Eventually I became extremely ill from all the abuse, my digestive system stopped working and I developed anorexia. Thankfully instead of killing me my dad kicked me out of his home and sent me back home to Iceland because he couldn't stand the fact that I needed to be taken care of.

Another time was when I was in my mid 20's and I was visiting a woman I had met on the internet. After a while she drugged and raped me and afterwards if I didn't want to do what she wanted me to do she threatened to bury me alive. Thankfully the earth was frozen solid. (I couldn't leave for reasons beyond my control and was literally forced to stay with this woman for months when I was just going to visit her for a couple of weeks)

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scary stuff - well done for not dieing