"I Had My Lips Done With Restylane"

I worked for a Plastic Surgeon and one of the new nurses had to go through training to do Restylane injections. As some people may already know Restylane is a dermal filler like the new one Juvederm. No one else at the office wanted their lips done and she really needed to do someone's lips. She asked me and I said yes. Restylane when done in the lips or the vermillion only lasts about 4-6 mos depending on the person. It will last longer when injected in other parts of the face like the nasolabial folds that will usually last about 8-9 months. I am not going to lie it does hurt. I had a lot of swelling for like 2 weeks. Afterwards when all the swelling went down it looked great! It has just about worn off now since its been about 7 months ago. There is still some product in my upper lip but most of it is gone.
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1 Response May 25, 2007

I just had my lips done and asked the doc to make them just a little fuller but I did not want to look done today I look like a duck...I wish I would of never done it.everyone keeps saying oh my god what happened. I look like the worse case of big lips ..my bottom lip is not bad but boy my upper it sticks so far out..anyone know how I can get it to go away????????