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How Mom Helped Me Become A Nudist

I had my mother introduce me to nudism at a very young age. My parents had divorced and in the wake of that, my mom rented a townhouse with just a single bathroom in it. We were not use to any 'extended' nakedness at all, but we had to get use to the reality that we had to share this single bathroom. The first week was kind of awkward, because we were trying (unsucessfully) to maintain privacy in that situation. After a few weeks though, both she and I started to care a little less about it. Finally, after about a month, she and I were very freely going about our morning rituals naked.

This began to carry over in to us being nude not only in the morning, but then a little bit at night, and then we were doing it after getting home for the day. Maybe three or four months later, we were doing nudism almost all the time indoors, only dressing for company for the most part. I owe my nudism, and my open mindedness to her.
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At what age did you get your introduction? Most people think that boys, young men can not handle seeing their mother or sisters naked. But who better to teach them that women, girls are not sex ob<x>jects that that can see and look at naked females with out getting an erection. I mean what normal boy, young man even thinks about sex with his sister(s) or mother. Yuck! If some do then the mental damage hand already been done long before they first saw mom and sis naked!<br />
<br />
If more mom and sisters were less uptight about nudity then there would be a who lot less *********** out there.

Good question - I was 11 when I became a nudist. I can only speak for myself when I say that nudity was just not a big deal for me.

It makes much easier living in a confined space like and RV if you and your guests are nudist.

I think this is a great story, thanks for sharing.

Great intro! Your mother must have been a nudist who enjoyed practicing it as a single woman. It obviously didn't make you into any sort of crazed maniac.

Well neither of us were nudists of any kind before my parents split. We graudually got ourselves into it, both at the same time. I would say that we weren't totally accepting of it, all the time, till maybe 4-5 months down the road.