Nudist Family

We're a nudist family. My Mum and I live naked at home but when we visit my Grandparents, we're all nude as a family, in the dunes, swimming in the lake, and it's a lovely wonderful feeling - especially when the sun is on your back. Besides I like to see other people naked....!

Mum has been going naked all her life - thanks to my Grandparents - and I have been doing the same - thanks to my Mum
Kerstin1993 Kerstin1993
18-21, F
9 Responses Nov 27, 2011

Good for you, sweetie!

Did you get uncomfortable being nude for a time when you hit puberty?

Yes the nude life style is the best was raised that way myself and enjoy every minute of it love the nude beaches and resorts too. Plus laying in back yard and pool with like minded friends too.Its nice to hear your mother did the same with you wonderful to hear that.

It really is a great way to live. I wish that my family was as open to it as yours is .

My mom raised me as a nudist too. i love being naked and seeing others naked too.

A great way to grow up. And, there's nothing wrong with enjoying seeing nude people or enjoying people seeing you nude.

So kewl that you grew up in a nudist family! My parents were just the opposite of yours - always prude and boring... I got into nudism after I moved out and I just love it. Makes me feel both free and sexy - and I'm glad my daughter also enjoys it!

I love being naked too. When the weather is warm enough I go naked at home. I live alone unfortunately, as it would be so nice to have another person (female) naked too.<br />
I did drive through our main street naked (I had a towel handy) but didn't need it. I was thrilled to look in my rear view mirror to see a woman on the sidewalk pointing at me as I drove slowly on.<br />
I like being naughty!! But unfortunately the law takes the side of the prudes.

I am a home nudest as well. Nothing like the warm sun on your skin.