No Stranger To Mouth Soaping

Seeing the logo on this topic brought it all back to me with blinding clarity.

Mom kept a bar of Ivory soap in the dish at the kitchen sink and another in the upstairs bathroom. My sisters and I got our mouths soaped for foul language, back talk and sass. A mouth soaping was followed around 99% of the time by a bare bottom spanking. If in the kitchen we were made to bend over the counter for the yardstick or a wooden spoon (or rubber spatula or some other wicked kitchen utensil). If we were upstairs we'd be dragged to our bedroom for a dose of the hairbrush. We were not allowed to rinse till after we'd been spanked. I don't think a spanking was always in order before I was soaped but because of the way I would refuse to open my mouth and try to twist away it was always given for disobedience after. I knew I'd get spanked because there was no way I was willingly going to open my mouth and let Mom stick that bar in there. She'd grind it against my teeth and the taste would linger forever. I'd often get my face slapped to till I complied.

No fun!
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When my mom try to put the bar of soap in my mouth I would clamp down tightly. Then she would say, "open that mouth or I'm going to have your father come up and give you a dose of the strap!" I didn't want that. My mouth immediately sprung wide open and in came that awful tasting soap.

After the soaping my mom was likely to give me a spanking with the hairbrush on my bare hiney but I guess that was preferable to getting the strap from my dad.

Yes TD3, The strap is quite the incentive isn\'t it?

YUCK! Like Princess my mom likes 2 use liquid soap in my mouth when I cuss or lie and like Jenny most the time I end up getting a spanking too :-( Mom soaps us at the kitchen sink (super embarrassing) with a couple squirts of liquid dish soap on my tongue. Bitter and squishy and nasty!<br />
Jenny is brave (foolish?) to try and keep her mouth shut. I tried that a few times but Mom pinches my nose shut so I can't breath and she pulls my hair back so I learned to "open up" for the yukky squirts of soap.<br />
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No sense making the spanking worse cuz then end up over the lap spanked crying bubbles is insult 2 injury!<br />
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Hey Jenny, I enjoyed reading about your mouth soaping and getting the hairbrush. My mom did that to me. <br />
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One time I was in the bath tub and she came in with the soap. While I sat in the tub she lathered up a bar of Ivory and stuck it in my mouth, swishing it back and forth for the soap to get ground in between my teeth. (I still could taste it the next morning)<br />
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Then she got me out of the tub and quickly dried me off. I reached for my PJ's but she slapped my hand away and grabbed me by the wrist. She then grabbed the hairbrush with her other hand and started whacking my bare hiney as we proceeded down the hall to my room.<br />
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I kept trying to block the spanks with my other hand but she landed a couple of good swats in the middle of my hiney so that when we got to my room I was already yelling and crying "stop mommy, no more mommy, STOP!". But then she sat down on my bed, yanked me across her lap, locked my legs between her legs and paddled my hiney with the hairbrush for what seemed an eternity. I was bawling like a baby - and de facto put to be for the rest of the night as i eventually cried myself to sleep.

Jenny,<br />
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Our mom would wash our mouth out for similar offenses, but she would insert the softened bar of Ivory in the front end, put us over her knee, and proceed to blister the other end while forbidding us to let the Ivory escape from our mouth. You should have seen the bite marks in that bar of soap!<br />
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-- Maria

Hi Maria,
Yes...the soap bars in the kitchen and upstairs in our house looked like sharks had been biting them!

I also left many teeth marks in the ivory soap bar held in my mouth as mom blistered my bare behind.

Did you have to keep it there during post spanking corner time?

No...I was soaped prior to being spanked and allowed to rinse (but never thoroughly enough!) before I had my fanny set on fire.

Yes, for a full half hour, holding my hands behind my back, just inches from the bonfire raging in my behind. I don't know which was worse, being so near and yet so far from being able to soothe my flaming fanny, or the disgusting taste, the burning soap bubbles coming out of my nose, and the soapy drool mixed with tears dripping off my chin. But the combination made the half hour seem like weeks.

Yuck indeed. Mouth soaping was no picnic.

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Jenny,<br />
Your account of mouth soapings did bring back icky memories! My sister and I didn't get our mouths washed with soap often - usually only for telling out-right lies (always followed by a spanking) but a few for extremely bad language, not always spanked after.<br />
I recall Mom had two methods. In the bathroom, she would bend me over the sink and soap up a big bar, then make me open and stick my tongue out so she could wash my mouth. The worst part of that was facing the mirror and having to see myself crying and all the suds in my mouth.<br />
The other type were kitchen soapings where again I'd be bent over the sink. Mom would use a small sponge (used only for washing our mouths) and she would put liquid dish soap on it and then make us chew the sponge.<br />
The worst part about that was having to chew on the sponge.<br />
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Love to hear more of yours or others,<br />
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