It's Happened Several Times

I'd say when I was around the age of 14 to 16 I had a quite unpleasant way of speaking to my parents. I was acting very stupid at the time. Every time I didn't get what I wanted, or if I was just mad, I'd take it out on my parents. At the time I believed that my parents couldn't discipline me in any way. Well as time went on, I continued my inappropriate and disrespectful language to them, and then that's when it happened. I don't remember every single detail but I do remember what I said. My sister had beat me in a bet and I just remember yelling F her. Being stupid I didn't realize that my mother was right there, and she was gawking at me! I thought my mom wasn't going to say or do anything but next thing you know, she's right there between my sister and I. I was then scared because I finally realized she was going to do something. Next thing you know, my mouth is being washed out with soap. It was disgusting. I had never tasted anything so distasteful. But after a couple more times of getting my mouth washed out with soap, I finally decided I'm just going to stop being so rude. So I no longer had a problem with that, but there was somebody who did, and that is my two older sisters.
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How did your mom wash your mouth out? Bar of soap? or liquid? I feel for you... but glad it worked to cure your naughty behavior though!!

Bar of soap

Bubby your forgetting something about this story :p

Hush lil boy :P

now now strappy don't call me that

:O Who u callin strappy?!

U are because you got the strap

why not?

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FELS NAPA soap :(

just remember it could have been worse

Good point

It sure could have! After washing my mouth out, my mom would have inserted the bar of Ivory and told me to bite down hard, lowered my panties to my knees, turned me over her knee, and paddled me long and HARD with her heavy ebony hairbrush. Then, with my bottom on fire, the Ivory bar still firmly clamped between in my teeth, and my face still covered with tears, snot, drool, and an Ivory soap foam beard, my nose would be stuck in the corner to consider whether I really wanted to use unladylike language again. So, yes, it could have been far, far worse.

True, but I never got a spanking or a mouth washing that I didn't richly deserve, or that didn't teach me a lesson I badly needed to learn.

It didn't take too many times having my mouth washed out with soap for me to learn my worked with my kids too. It seems to be a lost art today.

I agree. And you must have been a better child than I was at the time :P

Dont try to drag me into this! It's your situation not mine! I'm the good child. I'm innocent! Hehehehehehehehehehe

Sure you are sis... Sure you are...