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I am really not a troublesome kid usually, but my senior year has brought on huge case of senioritis. We got our midterm reports yesterday and I had 3 F's, which does not fly at my house because I am a straight A student. So I was already in trouble for that, but my stepdad ad my mom like to be united In their kids discipline so they decided to wait to punish me until today when my stepdad got home from a business trip. Well to add fuel to my own already scorching fire, I also had to tell my parents that I needed $150 for 3 days of in school suspension (I go to a private school and you have to pay the teacher for ISS). I got ISS because I got into a fight with a girl that I have a lot of problems with. My parets told me over and over not to fight with her but I lost control. My mother was livid and soon enough she was on the phone with my stepdad and he had the same reaction. Now if you recall from my other stories, my stepdad is the only dad I've ever had and I love him to death. He loves me like I'm his own kid. So he was very disappointed to hear that not only was I failing 3 classes, but I was also fighting which was disobeying. So about 2 hours ago, my stepdad got home and he, my mom, and I sat down and talked about what was going on and what my punishment was to be. We all decided that a spanking was best (as if there was ever an other option!!). So we go up to my parents room where my stepdad takes his leather belt to my butt like nothing I've ever felt before. And this is also on top of a whipping I just late last week for smoking (I actually got 2 for that). This was probably one of the most severe whippings I have received, but it is encouraging me to do better in school and to find a less violent way to deal with people that I do not like.
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