i spent the week at home for spring break this week. everything went pretty well i tried very hard not to get in any trouble. but it feels like no matter what every time i come home im getting punished for something. yesterday i was on the phone with a friend who was having a bad break. i guess i said a few things i shouldnt have but i was on my cell phone in the basement and i didnt think anyone could hear. plus i was just trying to help my friend get out of a bad mood and i just wasnt thinking about where i was i guess. anyways i guess mama heard. at least she didnt make me get off the phone and embarrass me but i didnt know she could hear me and it probably made it worse.
i had been off the phone for a few minutes when she yelled for me to come upstairs. in the kitchen i sat down on a chair and she started lecturing me about how she knew i was off at school and things were different but they still expected me to talk like a young lady and she was disappointed and how if i was going to use nasty words in her house i was gonna get punished. i got mad at her for listening in on my phone converstaton which only made her more angry. i could tell it was happening and tried to back step pretty quickly so i apologized and told her it didnt happen that much but i dont think that really did me any good either. she told me to go wait in the bathroom for her. i started pledding my case and asking her not to punish me. she pulled me up by the arm and swatted my butt and told me to get upstairs.
i had to wait for her just sitting there thinking about what was going to happen and i started crying. i hate getting my mouth washed out and i was embarrassed she had heard me and that i was in trouble. when mama finally came up stairs i begged her not to use soap and even asked her to just spank me instead. she just lectured me more and said she knew i was using bad language too much and i was getting this punishment and a spanking. she used a small peice of soap and i had to stick out my tongue for her to scrub. it was pretty long. she even made me spit while she wet the soap again and scrubbed my tongue more. it was probably 3-4 minutes total. she washed her hands and made me go get her hairbrush and put it in my room before i got to rinse. i rinsed and got to use the soap brush to get some of it off my tongue but i swear that just makes it taste worse. she told me to go to my room and take my pants off and pull out the desk chair.
i was proud of myself for not fighting her and just did what she asked. she came in and i was waiting in my panties and shirt. she told me to bring her the hairbrush and she pulled my panties down while i was still holding the brush. she took the brush and told me to bend over her knee. she spanked me for maybe 5 minutes? it felt like forever but it didnt hurt for long afterwards. i was crying but i usually do. i had to put my clothes back on and stand in the corner for minutes. by the time it was all over my butt was still pretty red but a few hours later it wasnt even sore. i could still taste the soap tho.
spankings suck a lot but i hate how quickly mama will soap my mouth. i wish there was a way to talk her out of it. its just so embarrassing having see her while shes scrubbing away at my tongue. and the taste takes forever to go away. i dont think she will ever stop tho. i feel badly for doign something that disappointed her but i am still just upset that she punished me like that. its always so much harder to accept that mama soaped my mouth than that she spanked me. but im going to try my hardest not to do that again!
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I really don't believe in mouth soaping!!! Soap is a chemical and can make you sick. My mom never did this to me and I will never do this to my boys

I would have taken an extra spanking rather than the soaping, like you wanted too. That is a hard spanking, but the mouth washing is horrible. I hope you are more careful on the phone in future!

Jessica,<br />
The few times I've been soaped AND spanked I always preferred being spanked first, as it's terrible to be all crying and slobbering with bitter soap taste during a spanking!<br />
But what you mentioned that I HATE is how your Mom grabbed you and swatted your butt to get you moving. At our age I find that extremely shameful, being held for a few hand smacks on skirt or jeans just to "put me in my place" before the real panties down paddling or belting ;-(<br />

Yah i can agree with that Marzi! but either way i'd prefer NEITHER. lol
but again i totally agree. it really is almost more embarrassing than the serious spanking. or being dragged over to a chair by the arm. all of that crap makes me feel like im 13 again. :(

Yes, and being called "Missy" and being told I'm "not too old for a bare bottom spanking" and such!

Jessica maybe ur mom should grab u in front of people and swat ur butt it's more embarrassing and I think that's what u need more humiliation in ur punishments so u understand and learn from them. At ur age u should know better even more of a reason ur mom should be embarrassed.

uhhh ur not old to be spanked especially if ur going to act the way u act MISSY!!!!!

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