When I Was Kid

i had my mouth washed out with soap when i was kid and i still have a potty mouth but i never wash my mouth out with soap. It would be nice if some one would do it again to me or told me to wash my mouth out with soap, i got ivory bar and sun light liquid soap for dishes and Irish soap as well
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never ot the hairbrush either

I got both -- at the same time! Sheer misery . . .

It seemed like everyone I knew, at least the boys, got his mouth washed out with soap now and then. In my case it would be for lying or cursing. One time I lied and disobeyed my mom, so she washed out my mouth with soap for the former, and gave me a good spanking with the hairbrush for the latter.

I also was punished by having my mouth washed out with ivory soap. This happened on a regular basis. I cursed like a truck driver as my Mother would say,<br />
The neigborhood Mothers used to complin about me . Thats when my Mom rook action.