Mouth Washed Out With Soap Today :(

Today my boyfriend washed my mouth out with soap. It was a preemptive punishment. We agreed that I would have my mouth washed out with soap if I took even one hit of a cigarette. My punishment today was supposed to be a taste (no pun intended) of my real punishment if I smoke. Smoking is much more dangerous to health so I believe the punishment fits the crime. So he put the soapy bar in my mouth and then I was made to stand in the corner for five minutes with the soapy bar still in my mouth. Now if I smoke anytime after this I will have to stand ten minutes with a soapy bar in my mouth. The brand used was Ivory. I will definitely think twice before taking a hit of a cigarette. As much as it sucked I am definitely glad he punished me that way. I should not smoke!
Willothewisp4 Willothewisp4
22-25, F
Sep 20, 2012