My Grandmother Did It To Test Out Her New Soap Batches

My Grandmother used to make her own bar soaps so with every batch of soap she made, I would have one lathered up one of each "flavor" and soap my mouth. If it lathered more inside my mouth, she figured that that was a good batch. Some of the soaps really tasted more nasty than others. She would use juices from different fruits and vegitables in the soaps so I could taste them in the soaps.

She never used lye in her soaps which was good, and i would never have to have a soaping for more than 5-10 minutes.

If I cussed, which not very often, or if i was disrespctful to someone THEN i would get either a wooden paddle [w/w lots of little holes drilled in it], a twitch from one the trees outside, a bath brush or a cane on my bare butt while I had to hold a commercially bought bar of soap in my mouth after either G.Mom or G.Dad would make sure that they had lathered it for several minutes. THEN i would have some cornertime to think about what i said.

pdlortz pdlortz
56-60, M
Dec 7, 2012