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My husband was a salior and used to curse like crazy. After I took over control of our relationship I told him it was going to end. He was not allowed any kind of swearing including damm, darn, shoot,etc...
Each time he did, I would grab him by the ear and march him back to our bed room, stuff a big new bar of soap in his mouth and then beat his butt with the belt. It took more punishments to break of cursing than any of his other behaviours I corrected. Since I used a new bar each time and am not fond of wasting money, our shower soap all had deep bite marks for about a year. It was funny.
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and that is how it should be adults children soap mouth an spanked

Reading your story I remembered a day that I cursed in front of my wife (I have not been a sailor but I drop a little curse sometimes, usually when She does not listen, of course) So as soon as I said the curse she gave me a slap that left me seeing stars and then grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bathroom, She took the bar of soap and put it in front of my face, "open your mouth ! " She ordered, I hesitated, then I felt her left hand grabbing me cruelly by the balls and started squeezing "OPEN YOUR ******* MOUTH!" so I obeyed and just after about a minute I felt it start to become foam inside my mouth as my face contorted in a grimace that would be funny according the amused smile on her face.
At that time as I felt her cruel hand clutching my poor balls and trying not to swallow soap I wondered why the hell She could curse and I not. I must confess that for quite some time I stopped asking me those stupid questions.

My mom was a proponent of washing the mouth out with soap for using "bad" words and also for telling lies.

She would take me to the sink and then lather up a bar of Ivory Soap and stick it in my mouth and then move it back and forth from right to left. Little pieces of soap would get stuck in between my teeth and that awful taste would last for days! If I had been really bad she would then give me a bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush and put me to bed.

This was the solution they promoted many years ago. It must have worked, because people then almost never swore.I am told.

wow, what an erotic way to get rid of a bad habit...