Lil White Lie

Doesn't matter, a lil white lie or the worst thing you ever said, earns you a taste of soap. After having your bottom blistered, it's off to the bathroom, say awwwwwwww and open wide as the bar is rubbed on your tongue and then inserted in your mouth for a few minutes. Then off to the corner, with a stinging rear, mouth full of suds and tears streaming down your face. You have a small towel to catch the soapy saliva and it runs down your chin, that is better then swallowing it, which we all know will make you barf big time.

30 to 45 minutes later you are trying everything to get that taste out, gagging and coughing the whole time. Then hearing another lecture about did you learn your lesson. Yes Maam I did, like what else would you say. No I didn't, may i have another taste of that @%$!!!!!.
naughtygurl2010 naughtygurl2010
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

can I PLEASE take your place next time

How long ago did this happen.