Dirty Mouth??? Clean It Up With....


Recently most of my spankings (that many of you know know the naked ones that have corner times before and and after...) have had a new aspect that I thought (and HOPED) had ended when I was a kid....but I was wrong

I am usually not much of a cusser; in fact I hate cussing quite a bit and find it rather...primordial in regards to language. I can, and often do articulate my thoughts without profanity. But once recently I stubbed my toe and yelped, "**** OWWW"

Of course my mom had to be right there....

"What was that Missy?!"
"Nothing Mom..."
"Get here now!"

Clearly cussing is not tolerated from me at my house....

"***** now and find a corner where I can see you!"

I always know the ***** is coming but never seem ready. I always feel so bare and exposed as I pull down my little girl panties and remove my top. HUMPH<3
Then standing there in full view of my mom (and whoever else happens to be around) always makes me feel so embarrassed!

I ******** and marched to my corner (where I swear there is an indent from my nose pressing in it so many hours)

I stood there for, surprisingly was not that long when I heard, "Turn around Missy!"

I turned to see my mom standing there with a bowl of water.

I was confused.

She said, "It has been awhile since your last mouth soaping hasn't it Missy?"

I gasped.
"You can't be serious mom!"
"Open up!"

I, hesitantly, cracked my lips. That was all the space my mom needed to slide the wetted soap into my mouth. She said, "Bite down on that hard. If it comes out you are in for it do you understand?!"

"MMMMYUUEESSS MMMMUIIMMMM" was all I could say with my teeth clenched tightly on the soap.
"HAHAHA You sound so silly with that soap in your mouth! In fact I think you should count the spankings now! Turn around bend over and touch your toes and count them. You get 10!"

The taste of the soap was really beginning to set in. I slowly turned and arched forward. What a spectacle I must have made....Here I am a 17 year old, mature-bodied lady, with suds dripping from my mouth bending over naked for a spanking.



I was completely humiliated....but couldn't focus on that as I had to be sure to hold the fowl tasting soap in my mouth


"Hehe I am sure there are a few MMMMMEEEN who'd get a kick out of seeing this! Now stand up and apologize!"


I was now more a form of entertainment than anything.
My mouth sudding bubbles, my womanhood fully exposed, sudds running down my breasts chilling my nipples to erection.


I stood there dripping bubbles all down my body, my red butt on display, for easily 45 mins. And I tasted that soap for the whole next day in spite my constant brushing of my teeth.

My mom loves to poke fun of my "MMMMMMMUUUUUUUMMMMBBBBLIIING" as she calls it.


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I feel bad for you i dont even do that to my 5 yo grandaughter!

I am 18 and still get it:<

thats just wrong!

So sorry for you, my dear.

I can understand the soap for a child it happened to me to, but still you are way to old to get this treatment.

I wish my mom thought like you!!!

Sorry, but mom needs ethics. I feel bad 4u

I always hated getting the soap.

Yup! I have had the unpleasant pleasure of tasting soap along with a spanking! Maybe she's jealous of you. Doesn't your father ever say anything?

That sounds like a terrible abuse!!!

I had my mouth washed out with soap when i was a kid,only happened the once,i was a pretty quick learner

My mum held me by the back of the neck and forced the bar of soap into my mouth and rub it all over my teeth,then i was made to sit there with lumps of soap foaming up

not real sure...I think ivory

How often did you get that? Do you still get it today?

Too often, I do indeed

At 18? Really? Could you please tell us about another mouth soaping experience?

Missy, thanks for sharing. I know the feeling... I don't get soaped often (spanked often tho) but when it happens it's dreadful! I got shivers reading about your nipples getting stiff from the cold soapy water dripping down your chest...that's exactly what happens to me!

Marzi, it is nice to have someone who understands! Are you made completely naked for yours too??? I miss your stories; write more!:)

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Your mother seems to dislike you. You loves you as her daughter but dislikes you maybe because you seem arrogant to her.
Punishers should not mock their victim while punishing them, so there must be something you are that ****** her off. This si why i said arrogance

I have to agree with that if my mom did that at that age id move out! then report her for abuse

Hi I was lucky I never had that punishment properly because I was at boarding school .
I f you swore which I did you got sent to the front and your trousers/shorts (up to the age of 12) would be taken down and either a yard stick or slipper would be striking you bottom
We had mixed classes although we were a boys prep school something to do with their premises being unsafe so they we subject to the same so they saw lots of boys bottoms in pants and we saw lots of girls bent over skirts up. I think that's were I got my interest from

Mouth soaped then spanked have been my worst punishments, especially if people are around to see!

no they didnt she didnt and hasnt done anything wrong

I agree!!!

I also agree!!!

Wow that was great of course you didn't think so. I think your mom is really enjoying it when she has to punish you.

fukk off

What a great story, I'm sure as you got spanked you would bite the soap so much more making the suds go down your mouth! You must have been such a site in the side!

shut it fukk face

Lol shut up. These stories sre most likely fictional its part of s fetishm
. If you don't like it go somewhere else. Nobody needs you here brazenly defending a girl writing sexy fictional erotic stories. Man yall are morons.

I bet it was:<