Soap in the mouth and a bare-bottom-spanking is horribly painful in 2 ways!!
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One time I got caught lying and disobeying my mother at the same time. First she washed my mouth out with soap for lying to her. Then she gave me a spanking with the hairbrush on my bare hiney and put me to bed for the rest of the night. I was 10 years old at the time. That was one of the worst punishments I ever got.

A soapy mouth plus tears and snot makes a very strange taste if I remember well.

Do you mean at the same time? I got one or the other. Both are hateful punishments but I feared more the soaping. I will never forget that taste in my mouth for ages.

Both at the same time. But I think spankings are worst

I agree with you. I would take a mouth soaping over a hairbrush spanking. The mouth soaping is awful, but it doesn't hurt. The hairbrush really hurts and is far worse.

Answer to the above question: First she washed my mouth out with soap and then immediately gave me a spanking with the hairbrush.