Had Another Pair Go Missing

I was at the gym and after i'd showered and changed i left my bag just for a few mins under a table while i popped into the toliet, i didn't notice anything until i got home and while taking my stuff out of the bag i saw they were missing.I don't know what it is with my underwear but i seem to be victimised alot lol either i need to start buying cheaper multi packs or to start wearing granny knickers or something.

Now that i think of it whoever it was didn't take my mobile or my purse which had quite alot of cash in it so they were only intrested in my panties, i could have lost alot more.
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4 Responses Oct 9, 2010

Faye, all I can say is you must have a beautiful smelling ******! You seem to be quite unlucky when it comes to having your panties stolen, but great good fortune for the guys! x

I bet he has fired a few loads into them by now faye, i know i would have

My wife often dresses or undress' in our back bedroom that is seen into by park just behind us. A friend of mine sometimes stays with us and when he does he sleeps in that room. I noticed once that my wife had changed in there and had left her thong and bra and top clothing on the side. I looked carefully at how they had been left and then looked again the next prning after my friend had slept there. They were not in exactley the same position. <br />
I then began to notice that whenever he was staying she had left her used underwear in there. <br />
I borrowed one of my companies miniture cameras. Set it to movement sensor and hide it in there the next time he stayed.<br />
Next day I watched the playback and saw him sniffing her nicks, and w a nk ing using her b ra around his c ooc k.

most panty snatchers wouldn't be interested in your money. it's your panties they are after. i have taken a pair or two from girlfriends before.