It's happened to me a few times in the past. Guys getting their trophies after they have ****** me. But it happened again yesterday.

Caroline and I had gone down to the beach wearing just bikini panties, but once there we took them off. When we went into the sea to swim we left our panties near the bottle of water we brought with us. When we came back from the sea we found our panties were gone!

We had to walk the short distance (three roads) back to our villa naked!
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I'm a guy who wears panties (All purchase, I don't steal) I do laundry at my apartment and I've had my panties stolen. It's aggravating as ****.

Wish I could have walked with you.

You two are fond memories for many of the locals.

hmmmmm .. i would probably do that too!

I love excuses to be nude!


Love to have seen that.

I flew over to visit my friend for a few bras,panties and my fav dress gone after hanging them out to