I had gotten to work a little early, I was the only one there apart from the guards. There were about 5 of them. I remember one of them had seen me peeing before at the urinal and laughed at my small **** so I tried to veer away from them and walked away to the other side. However, while my back was turned, the guy had creeped behind me and pulled my pants down! I wasn't wearing any underwear so my butt got exposed. He then goosed me causing me to jump! I hadn't noticed that they were all staring at my now exposed ****. It was soft and just 1 inch with small balls. They all started laughing. And to top it off, I had just shaved my pubes so it looked like a kid's ****. They all simultaneously pulled they're pants down to expose their *****.. About 3-4 inches soft with low hanging balls. Man was I embarrassed! They came close to me and told me to suck them. I went down on my knees and started sucking them.. When they ***, I have to use their *** to jerk my small ****.. What I didn't know was one of them was taking a video.. Now I have to keep on sucking them and letting them **** me or they'll show it to my boss.
Bulbolboi Bulbolboi
36-40, M
Aug 22, 2014